Aqr Managed Futures C Share Mutual Funds


AQMNX, ASANX, QSPNX: Top 3 AQR Alternative Investment Funds
Below is a list of the firm's top three alternative investment mutual funds based on AUM as of May 2016. AQR Managed Futures Strategy Fund (AQMNX ... The fund has $14 billion in AUM across all of its share classes and has an expense ratio of 1.47.

Hedge Fund News: Bill Ackman, Cliff Asness, Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
launched the F&C Real Estate Equity Long/Short UCITS fund. Arden Asset Management launches $700 million mutual fund (CPIFinancial ... with the notable exception of Managed Futures. The GGHFI’s gain of +0.36% trails global equity returns in the S&P.

AQR Managed Futures UCITS C Acc GBP
rather than which shares to invest in). Since most fund managers are tied to their sector rules, you need to either do your own asset allocation or buy a managed fund. A measure of how different areas of the markets are performing, against which funds can.

A World of Alternatives That Goes Beyond Stocks and Bonds
The European debt dilemma and the prospect of a global economic slowdown have led to an exodus from traditional mutual funds ... can be represented by a derivatives-trading fund like the AQR Managed Futures Strategy Fund (AQMIX). A market-neutral fund.

Managed Futures: Best And Worst Funds In October
The Superfund Managed Futures Strategy Fund and the Grant Park Managed Futures Strategy Fund were the number-two and -three best-performing managed futures mutual ... AQR Managed Futures Strategy HV Fund was at the very bottom of the category, with its.

Managed futures funds have fared poorly, but could shine in a market downturn
They are also fairly expensive. The $11.9 billion AQR Managed Futures Stratgegy I, for example, charges 1.20% in expenses, which is cheap for a managed futures fund, but still on the high side of the institutional mutual fund universe. The Superfund.

Putnam PanAgora Managed Futures Strategy (PPFYX)
Class C ... all share classes of funds with similar objectives as determined by Lipper. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The Morningstar Rating TM for funds, or "star rating", is calculated for managed products (including mutual.

Should managed futures be in your future?
At a basic level, managed futures ... fund share class is very high so you may want to also consider AQMNX which has a much lower minimum. Update: I mentioned that the fund has a 1% redemption fee, which is true. However, a representative of AQR sent.

Managed Futures Funds Let You Ride Trends for Profit
Although managed futures mutual funds aren’t ... a half represent powerful trends that managed futures funds could exploit. Moreover, because these funds can make money on everything from rising rates to falling share prices, their potential returns.

What’s the SEC’s Problem With Alternative Mutual Funds?
However, we can take a look a few alternative mutual funds — one from BlackRock and one from AQR Capital Management — to see what the SEC might be looking at soon. Blackrock Global Long/Short Equity (BDMAX) Also offered in C shares, institutional.