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How mutual funds enable asset allocation
It is noteworthy that some mutual funds are inherently tools of asset allocation. For instance allocation funds such as balanced funds and monthly income plans simultaneously invest in equity and fixed income instruments in different proportions.

LifePath Index Retirement Fund
Overall LifePath Index Retirement Fund received a Morningstar Rating of 5 stars for the 3-year ... She is responsible for overseeing the management of the Index Asset Allocation funds. She is a member of the LifePath Executive Committee and serves as.

Do Index Fund Portfolios Live Up to Expectations?
Further clouding the waters may be a misunderstanding of the implications of mutual fund performance data. Data from Morningstar’s Active Passive ... about investment goals and objectives, asset allocation, risk-and-return expectations, and accountability.

Financial advisers set to become the new fund managers
Finance or “All of a sudden advisers started shifting out of the mutual fund business. And we shifted onto an asset allocation basis. We said, well, anybody can pick a mutual fund online; I will create for you a diversified asset.

Mutual funds see top value gains in financials from January to July
Mutual funds’ allocation to the financial services sector rose to 30.43% at the end of July from 27.33% a year ago, according to data from research firm Morningstar ... a net of Rs54.906.90 crore in the asset class. Domestic mutual funds are becoming.

7 Tips for Investing an Inheritance
Christine Benz is Morningstar's director of personal finance and author of 30-Minute Money Solutions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Your Finances and the Morningstar Guide to Mutual ... asset allocation is off track, you may be able to use the inherited.

UOBAM (Thailand): navigating Thailand’s transforming investment market
For the year 2016, the company recorded historically high assets under management (AUM) of THB 306bn ($8.6bn) – this encompasses the full range of investment management services, including mutual ... fixed income funds, a global asset allocation fund.

The Never-Ending Pursuit Of Manager Alpha - Updated
The dearth of alpha is borne out by numerous academic studies, yet hope springs eternal as evidenced by the nearly 7,000 actively managed mutual funds in existence today ... and value. Asset allocation remains by far the most important determinant of.

4 tips to maximise your MF returns
In the past, when the stock markets were on a roll, many mutual ... fund, hoping that it will improve portfolio performance. "It is symptomatic of a very product-driven approach rather than a portfolio-construction approach. If they followed an asset.

Investment steps you should take for a secure future
Follow asset allocation strategy As per the market movement invest more in high growth assets like stocks/equity mutual funds (major risk is in the short run and minor risk is in the long run) and link them with your long-term financial goals. Similarly.