Asset Management Template For Sharepoint


The Power of Provance IT Service Management and Office 365™: Take Advantage of Word and Excel
So, for example, Asset Managers can create a template for POs, pulling the information directly from Provance IT Service Management and auto-sending the document to SharePoint for approval before dispatching it to an outside supplier. Want to learn more.

Digital Asset Management
Digital asset management (DAM ... rely on Microsoft products for Enterprise management. SharePoint Server 2013 is the latest edition of the software at the time of this writing and includes a library template called the Asset Library which can be.

SharePoint Utilities and Add-Ons
Equilibrium Technologies' MediaRich for SharePoint. Equilibrium Technologies' MediaRich for SharePoint application brings easy digital-media asset management to the SharePoint ... and business logic to Word templates. The reusable-answer- files feature.

The Art of SharePoint Success: Strategy - Benefits of SharePoint
In our last two installments we have been exploring the business case for SharePoint. We’ve introduced the idea of the left-brained business case and the right-brained business case, and we’ve looked at the costs of SharePoint. In this episode we are.

Which Dynamics 365 asset records are missing the SharePoint attached documentation folder?
Continuing with the Asset Management example from THIS previous post, I had a requirement to be able to create a view showing all assets that do not have a document library location created on SharePoint. Usually, for an asset, at the minimum, a.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Development in SharePoint Server 2010
Enterprise Content Management, or ECM, enables the management, storage, retention, workflow, and delivery of documents and other content types across the enterprise. What Is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in SharePoint? In Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Exploring the Digital Asset Management Features of Ingeniux
The Ingeniux Approach to Digital Asset Management Ingeniux CMS users can upload multiple images, documents, media files, templates, and other assets ... including integration of Microsoft SharePoint lists for document management, media servers and CDN's.

Introduction to Programming in InfoPath 2010
Imagine a scenario where the accounting department at Contoso, Inc. tracks corporate assets through an Asset Management System built on SharePoint. One module in the system allows employees to order office equipment such as laptops, conference phones.

Nuxeo Releases New Responsive Web UI
Enterprise content and digital asset management provider Nuxeo has announced the release ... content-rich applications on the Nuxeo Platform with reusable elements and templates for more productive application development. According to Nuxeo, with Web.

Shufflrr cloud-based asset management reins in PowerPoint sprawl
Enter cloud-based asset management, yet another flavor of subscription-based ... [Editor's note: Twitter Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework based on HTML and CSS design templates for designing web-based and mobile applications.