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Philippines Launches Innovative Insurance Program to Boost Natural Disaster Risk Management
WASHINGTON, Aug. 15-- The World Bank issued the following news release: A new catastrophe risk insurance program to help the Philippines better respond to losses from climate and disaster risks was launched by the Government of the Philippines, supported.

Hoarding cash in UAE: Why it's bad for finances
Financial advisors warned that sitting on stockpiles of cash is not ... she’s able to keep tabs of her monthly outgoings more easily. “A huge chunk of my salary goes into saving. The money that I do keep with me is left in the bank and I use my cards.

Five-term Somerset freeholder will step down, take RVCC post
Levine has not yet returned an email by sent Thursday seeking comment. The annual salary for a Somerset County ... and has been a Certified Financial Planner Professional at AXA Advisors in Woodbridge since 2005. Zaborowski did not immediately.

State pension reforms: what will I receive?
The answer is no, as Andy Zanelli, head of retirement planning at AXA Wealth, explained. He said Gatser‘s S2P contribution would now only count towards his or her foundation amount and would not be paid on top of the new £144-a-week rate.

Struggling to repay your debts? Here's what can help...
Financial advisors and experts offer practical steps and straightforward ... If all your debt is on credit cards, you could also opt for a salary-transfer loan from your primary bank. This will get you a competitive interest rate, and you can use the.

Stifel to pay $1.1 million to settle allegation
The former stockbroker, Kenneth Neely, worked for St. Louis-based Stifel in its St. Peters office from October 2002 until January 2007 and later worked at another broker-dealer, AXA Advisors in Clayton, from December 2007 to July 2009. In November 2009.

4 scenes to help you visualize a better, brighter future
MANILA, Philippines – How ... Consult a financial advisor here. (All illustrations by Nico Villarete) As we go through life, our needs and priorities change. Sun Life can help you live brighter no matter where you are in your journey through #Money4Life.

Business notes
Sak works as a financial professional with AXA Advisors, LLC in Houston. “Completing the work for the CFP certification shows Brian’s commitment to clients and to his continuing education,” said Jeffrey Moore, an executive vice president of the.

Here are your newest executive appointments
She will continue to directly advise the superintendent of the Department of Financial Services. Ms. Varlack previously served as a principal law clerk for the New York State Supreme Court and assistant vice president and counsel at AXA Financial.

India without aircraft carrier for 8 months
Umakant Harikantra, president of Seabird Evacuee Fishermen Association, alleged that the salary of the daily wage workers (mostly ... "There would be no financial outgo from the government on account of the construction of new dry dock as the expenditure.