Basics Of Mutual Funds India Ppt


FY2018: The year of the mutual fund?
should FY 2018 be called the year of the mutual fund? For an industry that just two years back was still calling itself ‘nascent’ 24 years after privatisation, it is a giant leap forward to have assets under management that have tripled in the last.

How to build your mutual fund scheme portfolio
Others may have different views on the mutual we have selected. We invite readers to construct model fund portfolios for different of investors and send them to us. Here are basic things to keep in mind when constructing a mutual fund portfolio.

World's biggest biometric database grows in India despite doubts
Indians are mandated to link their Aadhaar to: Government-issued Permanant Account Numbers, which help track tax filings Bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, mutual funds ... Identification Authority of India, which administers Aadhaar.

Best Midcap Funds For 2018. Look Before You Leap!
Equity mutual funds made sure they did not miss out on ... In our article published a year ago, our basic premise for investing in midcap funds was because valuations had eased. Now a year later, valuations have soared to unsustainable levels.

Are There Too Many Mutual Funds?
Of course, there are dozens of ways in which a mutual fund can fail. Perhaps the most basic is that it can underperform its ... fund on every other business day," Bogle said last month at a presentation to the Boston Security Analysts Society.

World's Biggest Biometric Database Grows in India Amid Doubt
Read: India ID Plan Wins World Bank Praise Amid Big Brother ... credit cards, insurance policies, mutual funds, pension plans Social welfare benefits such as cooking gas subsidies Mobile numbers Enrollments to Aadhaar have increased by about 80 million.

Confused about which fund to invest in? Mutual funds just got easy
All mutual fund schemes within a fund house will need to be appropriately distinct from each other in terms of strategy, asset allocation, etc. There are two basic ways to earn money ... and not as a speculator." In India, the influx of the domestic.

5 basic rules of mutual fund investment
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has recently announced some lucrative measures to restore the capital market by wider participation of retail investors in the initial public offering and mutual fund industry. The reforms by SEBI came at a.

All you need to know about India's NPA crisis and the FRDI Bill
Mutual funds are advertised ... of stressed assets, India’s NPA problem is not comparable with debt-ridden countries like Greece and Ukraine which have 36.3% and 30.5% NPAs. The RBI’s Financial Stability Report names the basic metals and cement.

Different Types and Kinds of Mutual Funds
The mutual fund industry of India is continuously evolving ... It is still considered as a high-risk option. In fact, a basic inquiry about the types of mutual funds reveals that these are perhaps one of the most flexible, comprehensive and hassle free.