Best Blind Date Questions Every Financial Advisor


Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable - Huffington Post
Bannon, who's now ensconced in the West Wing as President Donald Trump's closest adviser , has been portrayed as Trump's main ideas guy. But in interviews, speeches and writing β€” and especially in his embrace of Strauss and Howe β€” he has made&nbsp.

What's the Deal with the Financial CHOICE Act? - Motley Fool
I want to take an opportunity to say that Maxfield and I are going to do our best to stay unbiased throughout this discussion, but everyone is a person and we all have opinions, and our opinions don't necessarily reflect that of The Motley Fool, but we.

Jared Kushner's full written statement, annotated - Los Angeles Times
Senate Judiciary Committee drops Manafort subpoena in Russia probe Politico.

Do you know how much you're paying in 401(k) fees? - USA TODAY
β€œYou are, unfortunately, stuck using the provider your employer has chosen,” said Zgainer or America's Best 401k. β€œWhether it's high-expense ratio funds or additional asset-based fees layered on, that goes across every participant in the plan. … There.

Trump's Interests vs. America's, Dubai Edition - The Atlantic
Secret Service vacates Trump Tower command post in lease dispute with president's company Washington Post.

Stop These Little Mistakes From Blossoming Into Big Problems
For financial ... client dies. "Every time we make a little mistake, we learn from it and I make another checklist for our operations manual," Bishop said. After nearly two decades as an advisor, Bishop has learned that asking the right questions.

CFPB Sues Ocwen Financial over Unfair Mortgage Practices - Black Press USA
Instead, a third party receives payments, maintains account records, and serves as the first point of contact should questions arise. ... In late April, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), along with the Florida Attorney General and the.

This Is What Good Financial Planners Do - Kiplinger Personal Finance
You can get reasonable portfolios simply and inexpensively through stand-alone robo advisers (Betterment or Ellevest, for example) and all -in-one mutual funds (Vanguard's LifeStrategy funds, for example). Therefore, a financial planner who only β€œdoes”&nbsp.

We're all overlooking the 'invisible risks' in our lives β€” and it means things will only get harder - Business Insider
We look both ways before we cross the street because we know how dangerous fast cars can be. We also pay attention to a wet floor because we don't want to slip and injure ourselves. Both are very smart moves. But sometimes, our minds don't handle the&nbsp.

Q&A: Social Security spousal benefits raise questions about age - USA TODAY
Q: I was told by my financial planner that if my wife was already at full retirement age (66) and collecting that even though I'm not at full retirement age I could file for 50% of her payout. Is this correct? – Justin Patanella, Belen N.M.. A.

7 questions successful couples should be able to answer - Business Insider
We asked a bunch of experts β€” including a dating coach and a marriage therapist β€” to tell us the key questions that couples in successful partnerships can answer readily. Note: If you can't answer most of these (admittedly tough) questions , that.

Link Group to acquire Capita Asset Services - Professional Planner
2 Accretion based on the midpoint of Link Group's management Operating NPATA guidance for 12 months ending 30 June 2017 of A$121.5 million (see slides 38 and 60 of the Investor Presentation lodged with the ASX on the date of this release) and pro&nbsp.