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While it may be hard to believe, most pre- retirees and retired clients who work with a financial adviser do not have a written retirement income plan, according to new research from LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute, a research arm of the insurance and&nbsp.

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A potentially decades-long decline in investment returns is one of the most serious charges to be laid at the generation's doorstep, and some experts think we may already be in the middle of it. ... is that our wealth does us little or no good after we.

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Financial life planning should aim to limit end-of-life regrets, so spending in retirement can be as important as saving. Research suggests American retirees are not spending enough to live out their lifelong dreams. Retirees should balance quality.

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The 2017 Retirement Confidence Survey: Many Workers Lack Retirement ... - Employee Benefit Research Institute Employee Benefit Research Institute.

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“Given the emotional nature of this year's presidential election, which might be best described as identity politics at its most divisive, we thought advice from accomplished Rhode Island leaders from different sectors and industries to our incoming.

Retirees urged to shop around for drawdown -
Retirees making use of the pension freedoms to access their pension pots have been urged to shop around for their drawdown and annuity plans and seek advice . According to a recent report by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), accessing pension pots&nbsp.

If you want to retire early, follow these 6 savings life hacks from people who actually did - Business Insider
In fact, for many people seeking financial independence — and those who have achieved it — it's often a mindset shift that does the trick. Below, we highlight some of the best advice early retirees have shared with us, beyond the most fundamental tip.

I ditched my financial advisor for an app, and saving money has never been easier
While everything looked legitimate, it didn't seem like the best deal I could get ... Wealthfront, for example, is already offering planning advice. If you link your various financial accounts — retirement, credit card, savings — to its service.

Cover Story | Ready, set, save: Business owners, employees have options when it comes to being ready for retirement
Retirement plans? Which one is best? Here’s the shocking truth ... truly understands your situation and that they are capable of providing financial products, advice and service into the future. David W. Parsons, CLU, ChFC, CASL, is the managing director.

Expert advice: retirement and investment strategies
David Hays, president of Comprehensive Financial Consultants in Bloomington, answered some questions about finances and retirement. Q What is the best way to save for retirement? A Making savings automatic — either through your employer plan, which is.

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So I asked money experts who have quit the 9-to-5 for their best advice on how to prepare for retirement. They still faced curveballs when it was their turn. Making the right financial moves is important, they said, but so is getting ready mentally.

Financial reminders for young entrepreneurs
If you don’t save, you miss out on market growth and compounding interest in your retirement fund. When we asked our young entrepreneurs what the best pieces of financial advice they’ve received are, the tried and true, simple principles still hold.

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I always encourage a person to find an adviser who specializes in the second half of an individual's financial life and to be sure and ask how the adviser is managing their funds. Receiving good financial advice is one of the most important things you.

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Retirees must also make the typical day-to-day decisions that every investor must face: This company is in financial trouble, should I sell its stock? My bond has matured, what should I do with the principal now? Am I better off buying inflation.

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Q. We asked, "Does it make a difference, from a potential litigation perspective, whether a commissioned sale of an annuity to an IRA relies on Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 84-24 or the best interest contract (BIC) for its exemption? ... A.