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Should You Buy Columbia Seligman Communications & Information A Fund (SLMCX)? - Best of Funds
Columbia Seligman Comms & Info A (SLMCX ... in illiquid securities and up to 10% in foreign securities. Dividends and capital gains are distributed annually. This Sector - Tech fund, as of the last filing, allocates their fund in three major groups.

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Minding the tax bite in fund investing
For many investors with mutual funds in a taxable account, it was tougher this year than last. Thatโ€™s because the best year for stocks since 1997 pushed many funds to make capital gains distributions to their shareholders, and those got taxed even if the.

Tips for avoiding a surprise tax bill on capital gains - WTOP
Mutual funds are required to distribute substantially all net investment income to shareholders, and that can mean receiving unexpected capital gain distributions at the end of each tax year. If you hold mutual funds in a nontaxable account like an IRA.

1 in 7 white families are now millionaires. For black families, it's 1 in 50. - Washington Post
White families vastly outperform African Americans and Hispanics in several key indicators of wealth: homeownership and equity, investments, and inheritance. ... White families are twice as likely as black and Hispanic families to own stocks or mutual.

When Mutual Funds Take a Tax Bite - Wall Street Journal
More than a dozen mutual funds anticipate making capital - gains distributions of more than 20% of their net asset values next month, at least four which anticipate payouts of greater than 30%. Even investors who haven't been in ... Among the funds on.

These Funds Are About to Make Big Capital Gains Distributions (AGTHX, ACRNX)
Actively-managed mutual funds typically distribute their accumulated capital gains in November of each year, and investors who hold their funds in taxable retail accounts are required to pay tax on their proportionate share of the fundโ€™s realized gains.

Tax Advantages Of ETFs Present Gabelli An Offer He Can't Refuse - Forbes
Since earning his M.B.A. from Columbia in 1967, Mario Gabelli has surfed some of the biggest waves in finance. He started as an analyst at Loeb, Rhoades when ... All mutual funds are required to pass on their taxable gains to investors annually, but.

PlumbLine October 2017: a handpicked list of mutual funds
I WILL NOT BE IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT CHOICES, CAPITAL GAINS OR LOSSES. If a PlumbLIne fund is present in your portfolio, it means nothing. If none of your funds is present in the PlumbLine list, it means nothing. MUTUAL FUNDS ARE.

Forbes Magazine: 100 Years Of Hits And Flops - Forbes
July 1956: Forbes is the first magazine to launch an Annual Report on Mutual Funds , including performance grades in Up and Down markets. The survey is widely followed and copied. July 1963: A Forbes cover story examines the evidence that tobacco&nbsp.

12 Ways to Generate Income in Retirement - Nasdaq
T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth ( PRDGX ) and Vanguard Equity Income ( VEIPX ) are members of the Kiplinger 25 , the list of our favorite mutual funds ; Kiplinger's 20 favorite ETFs include Schwab U.S. Dividend Equity ( SCHD ) and Vanguard High Dividend.

33 Smart Ways to Cut Your Taxes Right Now - Money Magazine
Preparing your 2016 tax return may feel a lot like filing last year's did, because there are very few changes in the rules. But you're completing this annual chore against a backdrop of uncertainty, as President Donald Trump and congressional.