Drawbacks Of Financial Planning


Retirement planning when you find yourself single again
At this point I would strongly encourage you to meet with a financial advisor to help you: -define your overall savings goal for retirement -determine how much money a single person needs to retire comfortably -consider the pros and cons of purchasing an.

5 Questions Entrepreneurs Need to Ask Before Investing in a Business
As we sat and discussed the pros and cons of starting a ... always do with your CPA or financial advisor. 5. Get everything in writing. Handshake agreements and deals are great in the movies, and nice when you are planning a happy hour, but for business.

3 estate planning strategies for charitable giving
Below is a brief summary of these three vehicles, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of ... By integrating your estate, financial and tax strategies, you can create a holistic plan which best utilizes the planning strategies available to you.

Is LPL’s Purchase of NPH Savvy or Reckless?
LPL Financial announced the much-anticipated purchase of National Planning Holdings, an affiliate of Jackson National Life, and its four broker-dealers late Tuesday. Early Wednesday, CEO and President Dan Arnold and CFO Matt Audette spoke with equity.

The pros and cons of offering pension portability at retirement
For some members, the option of controlling the investment and management of the lump-sum value of their account during retirement is appealing, especially if they have concerns about the future stability of their employer and the financial strength of the.

Estate Planning: Leaving a Home to Heirs While You’re Still Alive
“Even when your kids aren’t expecting anything to be left to them, I have seen many family controversies that have erupted over what to do with a house,” said Victoria Fillet Konrad, a founder of Blueprint Financial Planning in Hoboken, N.J. “If.

How Financial Plans Differ for Women in Transition
Very often, the financial plan included planning for her children ... Once each of these alternatives are explored for their pros and cons, our client is in a better position to determine which approach is right for her. It’s at this point that we.

Editor’s Note | Being ready for retirement means good early planning
Sometimes it seems like financial planners were put on this earth to scare ... The various plans out there have their advantages and disadvantages. What will work best for you? Before tackling this complicated subject, we invited people from Business.

RIAs weigh pros and cons of offering trust services
When it comes to trust services, most financial advisers prefer an arm's-length connection ... "It takes the investment management and planning that we do, and puts it on steroids," he said. "In order to stay relevant, and ahead of the curve, you need.

It’s not too early to start planning for end of year
I hate to have to write a column like this at this time of year, but when you realize Labor Day is right around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking about year-end financial moves ... is one of the main drawbacks of doing a conversion.