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Ivascyn's Pimco Income fund surpasses $100 billion despite fee hike: sources
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Pimco Income Fund ... Morningstar noted. On Friday, Pimco reported total assets under management of $1.69 trillion for the Newport Beach, California-based firm, as of the end of September. That is the highest value of assets.

How Should You Pick a Mutual Fund? Not Like This
Morningstar ... could carry long-term value for your portfolio mix. “They may be good funds that have a strategy that may be out of favor today, but these things are very cyclical in nature.” New investors get into mutual funds for the long-term.

Mutual Fund Managers Like U.S. Small Caps, Foreign Stocks
The stock market kept on rolling in September, lifting stock mutual funds ... million Columbia Small Cap Value Fund (CSMIX), whose 6.51% return made it one of the top-performing small-cap value portfolios in Q3, according to Morningstar Direct.

Focused Bets on Growth Propel Three Stock Funds
They are also willing to double their bets, holding far fewer stocks than the typical actively managed mutual fund. Cindy J. Starke, manager of the Value Line Larger Companies ... managed stock fund tracked by Morningstar holds 164 — to diversify their.

3 Female Portfolio Managers Share Their Investing Picks
The percentage of U.S. mutual fund managers who are women is 9.4%, according to Morningstar. The Raymond James Women ... the Snow Capital Opportunity Fund and the Large Cap Value strategy. Bemer was joined by Jitania Kandhari, head of the global.

Why the latest round of rock-bottom ETF fees may be a non-event for investors
For those purposes, high liquidity and narrow spreads will be of greater value than an annual expense ... Morgan Stanley forecast that ETF and mutual-fund fees would fall an additional 10%-15% over the coming years. Morningstar’s Ben Johnson speculated.

Five takeaways from Sebi’s order on mutual fund mergers
Seeking to rationalise the choice of mutual ... funds and in which categories”, says Randev. Comparision of fund ratings across rating agencies In the absence of a standardised fund classification, various rating agencies like Value Research, Morningstar.

4 Mutual Fund Managers Who Can Help You Beat the Market
See Also: 4 Funds to Cut Your Risk in a Stock Market Correction The unkindest cut came in a recent study by Morningstar, which found "no relationship between any type of management change and future returns" for mutual ... helm of Weitz Value (WVALX.

Mark Cuban Talks Investments
The value of bitcoin is completely a function ... in eight of the 12 Morningstar style categories. MT: Do you believe investors should own actively managed mutual funds and ETFs? Individual securities? MC: I think until we see more IPOs — a lot more.

Lessons From The Top 100 Mutual Funds Over The Last 10 Years
This article tries to answer the question of what might be the highest return you could expect from a mutual fund ... compare to an index fund. I downloaded a list of the top 100 funds ranked by 10-year annualized return from the Morningstar database.