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Jerry Schlichter's fee lawsuits have left an indelible mark on the 401(k) industry - InvestmentNews
Asset managers have rapidly introduced mutual funds that strip out revenue-sharing costs to meet demand. The number of mutual funds offered in a zero-revenue share class is nearly nine times what it was in 2011, according to Sway Research, which.

State Street Ditches Russell Index to Sell Cheapest ETFs Yet - Bloomberg
SSGA Launches Ultra-Low-Cost ETFs ; Ameritrade Takes On Schwab Investor's Business Daily.

A Fund To Avoid In The Newly Rated Real Estate Sector
Given the unfavorable distribution of Attractive vs. Unattractive allocations relative to the ... over significant time frames given the issues outlined above. Our ETF & mutual fund ratings provide forward looking diligence by analyzing the risk/reward.

Commentary: Improving diversification of target-date funds with direct real estate - Pensions & Investments
Until recently, no target-date mutual fund offered exposure to direct real estate. For those ... To assess the outcomes of a 5% direct real estate allocation, we ran Monte Carlo simulations to see how funds might perform in different scenarios. We.

Looking Overseas For Fixed Income - (blog)
Having been reminded of the portfolio benefits of investment style diversification, investors added $120 billion of new money into non-U.S. focused ETFs year-to-date through Sept. 25, more even than the $100 billion put into U.S. products, according to&nbsp.

Best And Worst Q3 2017: Small-Cap Value ETFs And Mutual Funds - Seeking Alpha
Not all Small Cap Value style ETFs and mutual funds are created the same. The number of holdings varies widely (from 32 to 1485). This variation creates drastically different investment implications and, therefore, ratings. Investors seeking exposure.

Millennials turn to ETFs to achieve investment objectives - Chicago Tribune
It's Hard to Scale the Peak of ETF Mountain Bloomberg.

How can you invest in the stock market if you don't know how to pick stocks? Try these options. - Motley Fool
But, understanding the different factors impacting a company's viability is complicated enough, much less trying to project whether its business model will lead to rising share prices. Many people who try to "play the market" by investing in stocks.

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds – Who Ya Got?
Happy Tuesday everyone. I was going to write this yesterday, but I woke to a text from my wife saying, β€œCall me. We need to talk about deployment to Puerto Rico.” In the past 4-6 weeks she has been back and forth between being deployed to Houston.

Retirement Income Strategies for the 1% - Kiplinger's Personal Finance
people like you. The planning is totally different in your world, and following rules of thumb may leave you with no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ... Investing in mutual funds and ETFs involves risk, including possible loss of principal.

Most Investors Don't Realize That They Are Putting All Their Eggs In One Basket - Seeking Alpha
Anyway, there are now more indices than stocks. Some people say this is a bit ridiculous. Well, back in the mutual fund boom, there were more mutual funds than stocks, and everything turned out fine. Is indexing causing distortions? Is it wrecking the.

Partnering With Passive Fund Sponsors That Have Your Back
This measure includes assets in U.S.-domiciled index mutual funds and ETFs, as well as assets managed by Dimensional ... along economies of scale to fund investors. Understanding the differences between these firms' ownership structures provides context.