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Financial Advisor Fees: What Will You Pay to Use a Financial Advisor
Commission-based advisors earn their money by selling stocks ... Rates vary tremendously. A basic overall retirement plan might cost $1000 – $2500. Advice on how to allocate your 401k might be $500-$2,500. Hourly: If the advisor is charging an hourly.

Women need better advice about financial risk
“Risk tolerance is one of the most important factors that contributes to wealth accumulation and retirement,” says Rui Yao ... given the new fiduciary standards for financial advisors.” Yao’s advice to women is to plan for income uncertainty.

Can Robos Automate Retirement?
advisors can use iRetire to quickly adjust portfolios in case of an immediate need, or demonstrate the effect a major purchase would have on retirement savings. “The need for financial advice is greater than ever as savers face global and geopolitical.

For Asia’s rapidly aging populations, innovation and forward-thinking policies drive retirement security
“Given Asia’s aging populations, retirement challenges are particularly acute ... regulatory, or accounting advice. An institution and its advisors should seek legal, regulatory, investment and/or accounting advice regarding the legal, regulatory.

Dynamic Wealth Advisors Adopts BasisCode Compliance Software Platform
For advisory and practice development firms like Dynamic Wealth Advisors which serve a wide range of independently ... defined contribution and defined benefit retirement plans, endowments and charitable organizations. DWA provides back and middle office.

Non-Breadwinners Often 'Invisible' To Advisors, Study Says
Only 54 percent of the advisors included any retirement date recommendations for the non-breadwinner ... “Firms that pay attention to the non-breadwinner spouse provide higher quality advice and guidance and open the door to a longer-term relationship.”.

Voya Extends its Popular Mutual Fund-Based Retirement Program to the Tax ...
It also gives plan advisors and third-party administrators who work ... investment fiduciary responsibilities, an in-plan retirement income solution, advisory and managed-account services, payroll integration capabilities, asset allocation expertise.

Bad News for Retirement Savers: A Key Rule That Protects Your Finances Is Facing Delays
financial professionals weren't required to offer clients the best possible advice for their retirement savings. Rather, they simply had to conform to what was known as the suitability standard. Under this standard, advisors can legally get away with.

Primary Caregivers Face Financial Advice Gap: Transamerica Center
5. Primary caregivers are somewhat less likely to have financial advisors. Although the primary caregivers said they earned more than the non-primary caregivers, had built up more retirement savings, and were more likely to have gone through the.

Best Retirement Plan Options for the Self-Employed
Being self-employed comes with many advantages, one of which is your ability to choose from a number of retirement plan options ... is not involved in the questions and answers between advisors and users, does not endorse any particular financial advisor.