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Total costs of a 15-year vs. 30-year mortgage - Motley Fool
A 15-year mortgage is going to be a lot cheaper in the long-run. Reduced costs and lower risk for lenders means rates for a 15-year loan are substantially lower than rates for a 30-year mortgage . Plus, since you're paying off the loan in half the time.

Robo-Advisor Betterment Adds the Human Touch - NerdWallet (blog)
Betterment, the leading independent robo-advisor with over $7.3 billion in assets under management, announced Tuesday that it will offer two new service plans, both with access to a team of certified financial planners and investment advisors. The.

What Trump's Action on Advisor Rule Means for Retirement Savers - NerdWallet (blog)
The future of the fiduciary rule, which was intended to benefit retirement savers, is in doubt after President Donald Trump called for its review Friday just two months before it was to go into effect. The rule would have required financial advisors.

Advisor? Planner? Broker? What Financial Titles Really Mean
This is someone who provides financial advice to clients in return for compensation. Usually, this means the advisor has a so-called ... Today, we also have investment brokers, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers and others. Brokers sell products and.

Jesse Eisinger: Prosecutors Are Too Chicken to Rein In Wall Street
So advisors need to be very skeptical and very conservative about their clients’ precious retirement and college-savings money. Before the financial crisis, many brokers put clients into mortgage-backed ... in the District vs. a hedge fund king.

5 Questions When Shopping for a Brokerage Account - NerdWallet (blog)
A price war has broken out among online brokerage firms in recent months. In an effort to lure investors, industry leaders such as Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments, TD Ameritrade and E-Trade have slashed trading commissions. The price war has.

15-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgage Calculator - NerdWallet (blog)
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Mortgage Broker vs. Bank: Where Should You Get Your Next Home Loan?
using a mortgage broker for your mortgage Mortgage brokers are independent intermediaries that help shop for mortgage loans on your behalf. They have knowledge about loans from a number of financial institutions, and they'll also be aware of the full.

Best Zero and Low Down Payment Mortgage Lenders - NerdWallet (blog)
The guidance we offer and info we provide are deeply researched, objective and independent. We spent over 400 hours reviewing the top mortgage lenders before selecting the best for our readers. We've picked at least two lenders for five 'best of.

Bank Mortgage Advisor's Vs. Mortgage Brokers?
A mortgage broker is a professional who is a freelancing agent. They go between the lenders and the borrowers (you) and are paid a commission from the lenders for securing a good borrower. They don’t work for any one financial institution. They work for.

Career Advice: Stockbroker Vs. Financial Advisor
There is one exception; stockbrokers owe fiduciary duties to their broker-dealers ... provided to customers. Financial advisors normally present themselves as full-service money experts, meaning they offer tax advice and mortgage help; build budgets.

5 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Mortgage Broker - Investopedia
Most people don't go into applying for a mortgage knowing everything there is about interest rates, rate shopping or the benefits of 20- vs . 30-year mortgages. While your mortgage broker can be the best person to educate you on certain questions, you.