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Johnny Depp Talks Movie Salaries, Selling Property amid Financial Crisis in Newly Revealed Emails -
Johnny Depp's Ex-Biz Managers Hit Back At “Absurd & False” $25M Fraud Lawsuit Deadline.

7 Salary Negotiation Tips From Women Who've Been There - NerdWallet (blog)
Women are underpaid. As of 2015, women working full time earned 80% of what men working full time did, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. So it should be no surprise that research has shown women receive less money from Social Security upon&nbsp.

Saving for retirement also means planning for the tax hit - Los Angeles Times
My company matches 3% if we contribute a total of 6% or more of our salaries . Are there any reasons I ... That's why many financial planners suggest their clients put money in different tax “buckets” so they're better able to control their tax bills in.

Why That Six-Figure Income May Not Be Enough For The Life You Want - Forbes
That wouldn't even cover the rent or the mortgage payment in such expensive housing markets as Los Angeles and New York City. In fact, where you live greatly affects how much you'll ... A financial advisor can help with this and also make suggestions.

After 10 years as a financial planner, I've realized almost everyone gets the same thing wrong about money - Yahoo Finance
Stuff doesn't equal wealth. Money does. And it's not the same thing. I've worked with teachers who have bigger savings accounts than doctors who earn five times as much per year. High salaries can lead to wealth, but not if you burn through every last.

80 Percent Rule for Retirement - FEDweek
A 2011 report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said almost 1/3 of Americans 65 and over still had a mortgage and the average balance was $79,000. This report, though five years old, was cited in recent articles in the Los Angeles Times and&nbsp.

Trump's top aides disclose their millions — and some complex financial ties - Los Angeles Times
The White House on Friday began disclosing financial holdings of 180 administration officials, revealing the significant personal wealth of President Trump's top aides. Ivanka Trump, the president's ... Her husband, senior aide Jared Kushner, who is.

Is compensation from pros to US youth clubs on the horizon? Attorney Lance Reich provides an update on the quest - Soccer America
Has there been any progress since that meeting regarding any kind of agreement on how the professional leagues may give financial support to youth clubs? LANCE REICH: ... Some local clubs here in town have multiple staffers making six-figure salaries.

CFO Moves: CDW Corp., Wedbush Securities
Mr. Kebo joined the company in 2008 as vice president of financial planning and analysis and was named CFO ... Wedbush Securities Inc., a Los Angeles-based investment firm, named Dan Billings finance chief, effective immediately. He succeeds David Weaver.

Lengthy Oakland fire chief search continues after top choice backs out
He withdrew his name, but the recruiter was persistent and said the city was willing to negotiate on compensation after Butler made it clear he would want pay equal to his current salary. Los Angeles Assistant ... in policy, planning and development.

It’s time for the financial planning business to drop the ageist stereotypes
The younger advisers wanted salary increases ... Oct. 24, in Los Angeles. RSVP required, continuing education credit available. Learn more and RSVP. Joni Youngwirth is managing principal of practice management at Commonwealth Financial Network in Waltham.