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The Subconscious Ways Facebook Is Influencing Your Home Buying Decisions - Money Magazine
quot;People are influenced by their friends' experiences," says NYU finance professor Theresa Kuchler, one of the study's co-authors. ... Kuchler notes that this phenomenon existed long before Facebook came around. ... It all feels more personal . These are.

So You've Got Airport Lounge Access? You Sure? - NerdWallet (blog)
He notes that some of the richest amenities are offered in more prestigious lounges, which you generally can't access with just a credit card. For example, United's ... won't limit your stay. Claire Tsosie is a staff writer at NerdWallet, a personal.

Trek Mining Announces Filing of NI 43-101 Technical Report - Nasdaq
11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trek Mining Inc.(TSX-V:TREK) ("Trek Mining" or the "Company") has filed a National Instrument 43- 101 Technical Report regarding the feasibility study and mineral reserve estimate for its 100% owned Aurizona Gold Mine.

Marketing Your Firm
Beyond branding, firms can gain from basic self ... reflecting the plan adviserโ€™s passion for financial wellness, has grown into a national event, run in six cities this year with partnering advisory practices and bringing in personal finance journalist.

How to Help Your Kid Get a Credit Card in College - NerdWallet (blog)
Plus, if you don't give him or her credit guidance, your child's missteps could strain your finances โ€” and your relationship. โ€œMy counseling to my parents is, don't just randomly give [your kid] a card,โ€ says Amy Irvine, a certified financial planner.

This Is the One Place You Should Avoid When Exchanging Currency - Money Magazine
โ€œDo it as far away from the airport as possible,โ€ said Trent Hamm, who runs The Simple Dollar, a personal finance advice website. ... For those who plan ahead, one of the easiest ways to exchange money before the trip is through your bank. At some.

Financial Tips for College Applicants Without a Major - U.S. News & World Report
Undecided students should be diligent about using campus resources to find a career path and graduate on time to limit their financial burden, experts say. [Learn how undecided majors can vet colleges.] "You may want to go to graduate school later on.

5 Things to Know About Trump's New Budget Plan - Money Magazine
A New Foundation For American Greatness -

20 Ways to Save Money and Manage Your Personal Finances
If you have problems remembering when to pay your bills then a financial calendar is for you. You can schedule your visits to a doctor, a dentist, or your car mechanic. There are a number of personal finance dates to make note ... to make a plan to pay.

Try a Checklist to Avoid FAFSA Mistakes - U.S. News & World Report
On the FAFSA, students should include all schools they think they may attend; otherwise, colleges won't have data to use to make financial aid decisions. (AntonioGuillem/Getty Images). When Evelyn Lee was applying to colleges as a high school senior.