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Chipotle Treats Customers Like Idiots - Reason (blog)
Chipotle offers three "key reasons" for rejecting genetically modified ingredients. The first : "We don't believe the scientific community has reached a consensus on the long-term implications of widespread GMO cultivation and consumption." As evidence.

Emory Students Want Professors Evaluated on Number of Microaggressions They Commit - Reason (blog)
If Emory University students got their way, end-of-semester course evaluations would ask them to indicate whether their professors had committed “microaggressions” against them. The explicit goal of such a question on evaluations would be to punish&nbsp.

Parker Rist ’19 Talks About His Summer “Wow” Experience
Medallion Financial Group is a small financial planning ... review. Dean Mullins: Tell us how your experience might help you continue along the Smith Journey (Freshmen: “Build Your Brand;” Sophomores: “Pioneer Your Path;” Juniors: ”Command.

first command financial planning
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Dumbarton doctor saga continues as First Minister is asked to step in - Scottish Daily Record
But Scottish Conservative health spokesman Donald Cameron criticised the Scottish Government's “shambolic” workforce planning . Scottish Labour health spokesman Anas Sarwar said the vacancies mean people are not getting the care they deserve.

"Do Libertarians Fit in a Liberal World?" - Reason Online
He added, "In the current financial crisis, the two groups who come out looking good are the Marxists and the Austrians," since both schools of economists predicted that government will tend to come to the aid of the already-wealthy amidst cyclical.

Addiscombe man found guilty of murdering his girlfriend - Croydon Advertiser
A man who stabbed his girlfriend to death in their Addiscombe home has been found guilty of murder. Pawel Sroka, 34, knifed Joanna Trojniak six times with a kitchen knife in their Meadvale Road home, including in the face and through the hand on March.

US Navy Names DC to Musculoskeletal Board - Dynamic Chiropractic
The leading cause of medical evacuation from forward-deployed units is musculoskeletal complaints , not combat wounds, with a high percentage of the complaints being back and neck pain. The MCCAB intends to develop ... Never before has a chiropractor.

4 Prominent Ayn Rand Recanters - Reason (blog)
Every sentient being should be aware that a core unquestionable intellectual underpinning of progressive Internet modernity, one as undeniably certain as that A is A, is that Ayn Rand was an idiotic villain and all her fans are malign, childish bozos.

Class-action lawsuit filed against First Command
“First Command Financial Planning is proud of its years of service to hundreds of thousands of military families,” said Paul Cozby, a company spokesman. “We believe the complaint filed in San Diego contains numerous factual inaccuracies and erroneous.