Historical G Sec Yields On Mutual Funds


How To Beat 90% Of Mutual Fund Managers In The Long Run - Forbes
88% of long government funds , 94% of high- yield funds and 72% of general municipal debt funds missed the mark in 2016. 97% percent of long government funds , 96% of high- yield funds and 84% of general municipal debt funds trailed the benchmark after&nbsp.

The evolution of Public Provident Fund (PPF) Interest Rates
In this post, let us consider the way in which the interest rates of the public provident fund (PPF ... benchmarking with G-secs began, it is not a bad approximation to assume the PPF rate evolves the same way as the 10-Y G-sec yield.

Households investing more in insurance, mutual funds, pension schemes: RBI study - The Indian Express
The share of ODCs in uses of funds of households (mainly commercial bank deposits) declined due to reduction in bank deposit rates and higher demand for currency assets, it said. The financial surplus of the household sector improved further in ... The.

Know the history, structure, and advantages of Mutual Funds
Since then, the history of mutual funds ... is easier to liquidate holdings in a Mutual Fund as compared to direct investment in securities. In India dividend received by investors is tax-free. This enhances the yield on mutual funds marginally as compared.

Hong Kong Faces a Year of Hardship, If History Has Its Say - TheStreet.com
The Exchange Fund that the government used to buy the shares then created one of the world's first exchange-traded funds when it floated the Tracker Fund HK:2800 in 1999 to dispose of the assets it had acquired. It's still a solid way to play Hong Kong&nbsp.

The Benefits of Investing in More Than Index Funds
For example, a company with a relatively low current dividend yield, but which has a history ... index funds, like all open-end mutual funds, are required to distribute to shareholders the income paid into the fund from the securities in the portfolio.

Should Wall Street fear a government shutdown? Here's how stocks fared during past closures - MarketWatch
Market fears over a shutdown were, at least temporarily, averted over the weekend, when congressional leaders reached an agreement to fund the government through Sept. 30, when the government's fiscal year ends. However, Trump on Tuesday called for&nbsp.

Reading beyond sweet little lies: Demonetisation failed, let's admit it - Business Standard
Despite the frenzy of distractions since, by now you have likely heard the news that demonetisation failed. As NDTV's Sreenivasan Jain put it in Truth vs Hype, the news sent the government into “a spiral of deflection, of moving goalposts and of.

3 Strong Buy Large-Cap Value Mutual Funds For Steady Returns - Seeking Alpha
These funds have exposure to large-cap stocks, with a long-term performance history and more stability than what mid or small caps offer. Companies with ... However, investors interested in choosing value funds for yield , should check the mutual fund.

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In theory, an arrangement by which workers “bargain collectively” and offer “ mutual aid,” as the NLRA establishes is their right, can be a neutral or even positive part of a flourishing market economy. .... Such schemes raise the prospect of twentieth.

The Impact Of Fund Flows On Fixed-Income Mutual Fund Performance
According to the ICI 2010 Fact Book, since 2004, inflows to bond funds have been stronger than what would have been expected based on the historical relationship ... “Dumb Money: Mutual Fund Flows and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns.”.

When will my mutual fund investments double? - Economic Times
One, the claim is mostly based on historical returns . As you would have heard repeatedly on mutual fund advertisements, past performance does not guarantee future returns ; the schemes may or may not repeat the performance. Now, how would you verify&nbsp.

Vanguard Wellesley Income: Buy And Hold Forever - Seeking Alpha
Some really good actively managed funds are being overshadowed in the current index fund craze. Vanguard Wellesley Income is a nearly 50-year old fund with a stellar track record of delivering shareholders strong returns while limiting downside risk.

Demonetisation – a Needless Surgical Procedure Performed on an Unhealthy Economy - The Wire
It was thought that some Rs 5 lakh crore (Rs 5 trillion) would be declared illegal; RBI's liabilities would be extinguished, giving rise to larger than usual annual profits and they would be turned over to the government as dividend for funding planned.

Stanford scholar examines development of Mexican social clubs in Los Angeles - Stanford University News
Over time, however, the social clubs managed to gain much influence and respect among Mexican residents, which allowed them to exert pressure on the Mexican government . “By the mid-1980s, migrants' investments in Mexico were impossible to overlook,”&nbsp.