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Lacy Hunt on Financial Repression; Deleveraging Not
n another of his series on Financial Repression, Gordon Long of Market Research and Analytics interviewed Dr. Lacy Hunt, Executive Vice President of Hoisington Investment Management Company. Previously Lacy Hunt was with the Federal Reserve in Dallas.

Lacy Hunt: 'No Increase in Standard of Living Since 1997'
Dr. Lacy Hunt, executive VP of Hoisington Investment Management Company (HIMCO), says it's a false belief… and he has proof to back it up. An unprecedented buildup of debt, he shows, can only lead to one outcome: a drop in Americans' standard of living.

Hoisington Quarterly Review And Outlook – 3Q15 – What Will The Fed Do Next? - ValueWalk
Hoisington Investment Management Company (www.Hoisingtonmgt.com) is a registered investment advisor specializing in fixed-income portfolios for large institutional clients. Located in Austin, Texas, the firm has over $5 billion under management and is.

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is more profitable than your own hotel website, and that website should be driving the most bookings for you with [online travel agencies] supplementing it,” said Darlene Rondeau, VP of best practices and online merchandising at Leonardo, a hotel.

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Demand for Treasuries Is Now a 'Made in the USA' Phenomenon - Bloomberg
And it's not clear that foreign selling -- especially by central banks -- poses a severe threat, said Lacy Hunt, fund manager at Hoisington Investment Management Co ., as these entities tend to hold shorter-term debt, with only up to a few years until.

The $19.8 Trillion Hurdle Facing Higher US Inflation - Wall Street Journal
Lacy Hunt, executive vice president at Hoisington Investment Management Co . in Austin, Texas, has long invested his fund in Treasurys with faraway maturities, reasoning that the economy is too weak to generate inflation that would erode the gains on.

Why Bond Traders Should Take a Breath When Trump Makes His Fed Pick - Bloomberg
Marty Mitchell recalls how his colleagues on the trading desk at Perpetual Savings Bank in Virginia, along with the rest of the bond market, were stunned in June 1987 by the resignation of Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker and the choice of Alan&nbsp.

Strategist David Rosenberg: No, This Isn't Still a Trump Rally
if it is positive at all,” chief investment officer Van Hoisington and economist Lacy Hunt at Hoisington Investment Management Co., said in a report last week. The federal government owes more money than a year’s worth of economic output. At the end of.

Look For Treasury Rally Repeat In 2012
That's the opinion at Hoisington Investment Management Co., the unusually prescient bond investing shop based in Austin, Texas, that last year took the contrarian position that Treasuries would rally, bought a huge stash of the securities, and was vindicated.

They Called The Recession And Made A Killing On It -- And Say It Ain't Over Yet - Forbes
From the inaptly named trading floor of Van Hoisington's investment company in Austin, there's a commanding view of the Texas Hill Country. It's a nice diversion, since not much trading takes place at $5 billion-in-assets Hoisington Investment Management.

County pension system takes notice of $60 million lawsuit against former adviser - The San Diego Union-Tribune
In addition to Partridge and Salient, the lawsuit names former acting chief investment officer Lisa Needle, financial advisers Hoisington Investment Management Co ., Aon Hewitt Investment Consulting Inc., Albourne America, and Integrity Capital, the.

Hoisington Quarterly Review and Outlook -- 4Q2016 - Gold Seek
Longtime readers of Outside the Box know that I am a fan of Dr. Lacy Hunt of Hoisington Investment Management . Lacy and his partner, Van Hoisington, produce a quarterly letter that is a must-read for me, as it reliably informs my thinking in a world.

No Inflation In Sight, Say Two Bond Masters - Barron's
Hoisington Investment Management's co -founders, Van Hoisington, left, and Lacy Hunt, have long doubted that high interest rates and strong global growth are imminent. They've invested accordingly, in a volatile part of the bond market. Photo: Inti St.

Hoisington Fund’s Treasurys Bets Pay Off
A fund run by Austin, Texas-based Hoisington Investment Management Co. is emerging as one the biggest winners among investors who have bet heavily on U.S. Treasurys this year. The $165 million Wasatch-Hoisington U.S. Treasury Fund has handed investors a 20.