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Sri Lanka's Port City to draw first investment of USD 1 bn in mid-2018 - Colombo Page
Minister Ratnayaka said that there was no doubt that the port city would be the best piece of real estate in the entirety of South East Asia, a state of the art well planned modern city where the Colombo Financial Center would be based. This would.

30 Years After Black Monday, A Look At Its Effects on Real Estate - Mansion Global
She recalled the worry of pouring money into renovations on an apartment that was no longer worth what she'd paid, she said. To make matters worse, the city was ... Hugh Kelly, chief economist at Hugh Kelly Real Estate Economics in Brooklyn, was in the.

How to Begin Investing in Real Estate
If you are thinking of tiptoeing into real estate as an investment, you have two basic approaches, says Leonard Baron, a lecturer at San Diego State University and author of several self-published guides to investing in real estate. Buying shares in a real.

St. Joseph's Healthcare settles church-plan challenge - Pensions & Investments
Judges Or Auctioneer Gavel On The Dollar Cash Background, Top View, Close-Up. Concept For Corruption, Bankruptcy, Bail, Crime, Bribing, Fraud, Auction Bidding, Fines Getty Images/iStockphoto. A settlement agreement between St. Joseph's Hospital and&nbsp.

Bullish on 3 real estate stocks in Samvat 2074: Porinju Veliyath - Economic Times
In an interview with ET Now, Porinju Veliyath , MD, Equity Intelligence India, says betting on Oberoi, Sobha and Godrej Properties, the three real estate stocks in Samvat 2074. ... They should consider the structure of the economy and the market.

Blackstone Profit Tops Estimates as Real Estate Drives Gains - Bloomberg
The firm is raising money for its new infrastructure fund, and it's making a foray into early-stage growth investing , James said on the call, adding that Blackstone will share more information on the new initiatives in the future. Overseeing $387.4.

Jared Kushner Hid One of His Companies on a Disclosure Form — Then Profited - Newsweek
Jared Kushner "enriched himself" by not revealing his ownership of a real estate tech business that raised millions of dollars while he served in the government, said a member of the House Judiciary Committee, calling it part of a pattern of unethical.

Trump Tax Plan Benefits Wealthy, Including Trump - New York Times
President Trump said on Wednesday that the cuts would increase investment and spur growth, creating broader prosperity. But experts say the upside is limited, not least because the economy is already expanding. The plan would also benefit Mr. Trump and&nbsp.

Why would anyone in Puerto Rico want a hurricane? Because someone will get rich. - Washington Post
The local government attempted to retain some of these profits by raising taxes on goods brought into Puerto Rico from foreign (including U.S.) distributors, but Walmart, the biggest private employer on the island, sued and threatened to leave. Places.

How to invest in funds, investment trusts and ETFs - and save money as a DIY investor
When times are good a fund manager aims to do make higher gains than their peers, when times are bad a good manager will come into their own by continuing to make money, or just not losing as much as their peers. Investing with an Isa is one of the few.

How to invest without losing money
When it comes to investing, realize that risk and reward tend to move in opposite directions. If you take more risks, you run a larger chance of losing your money, but you often ... such as shares in a real estate investment trust (REIT.

Chinese Investment in US Real Estate Likely to Slow - Commercial Property Executive
While real estate investments are not prohibited, there will be greater scrutiny with respect to all transactions over $1 million, therefore we will also see sellers more hesitant to enter into contracts with Chinese investors due to fear of their deal.

This week in Moneyweek: the risks and rewards of investing in startups - MoneyWeek
And much of the passive money is being shovelled into exchange-traded funds (ETFs). ... Oliver Butt picks three bonds that offer high returns and an interesting story; Ruth Jackson investigates flexible Isas, and Emma Lunn looks at the “ estate agent.

Las Vegas shooter used real estate investments to fund gambling, guns - Reuters
Details Emerge Of Las Vegas Shooter's Real Estate Gambles NPR.

Why tax cuts won't generate as much economic growth as Trump hopes - Los Angeles Times
Slashing taxes on companies large and small, the theory goes, will bring massive new investment in plants and equipment, job growth and higher pay for America's long-suffering middle class. Specifically, Trump ... Putting more money into people's.