How To Invest Money For Retirement In India


How to buy a share on stock market?
A full-service broker provides a variety of services along with buying and selling of shares such as research and advice as well as retirement ... market in India? How does the stock market work What is NSE Nifty 50? How can I invest money in share market.

Ask ET Mutual Funds: How to invest my dadโ€™s retirement money?
I have Rs 35 lakh lumpsum to invest for long term and I am a moderate risk investor. This is my father's retirement money. I have invested Rs 15 lakh ... DSP BlackRock Tax Saver, Franklin India Taxshield, Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 to save taxes under.

The cobra risk: When playing it safe makes your retirement less so
When the British occupied India under colonial rule in ... Given that the strict objective of investing is to get wealthier, I cannot imagine a more unintended outcome than losing vast sums of money. However, I donโ€™t want to talk about get-rich-quick.

GUEST COLUMN: Are Australians better off than Americans on retirement policy?
In 2016, Denmark scored the highest at 80.5 and India near last ... otherwise, Super money is automatically placed in a default investment option. In general, there is no access to superannuation funds until retirement. These funds can be bequeathed.

How fixed deposits and FMPs bolster your retirement portfolio
When it comes safe investing option during your retirement, Bank Fixed Deposits and mutual fund ... Fixed deposit simply means a sum of money deposited for a specific duration. The amount you deposit gets locked for a specific term. However, in case.

I am convinced there will be a major stock market correction soon, is it silly to tinker with my pension investments by trying to read the market?
Myron Jobson, of This is Money ... why investment professionals emphasize the importance of diversification when it comes to investing. You have earned brownie points for not falling into the inertia snare that so many savers do, especially when.

HNIs shifting investment from physical assets to financial assets: Vidhu Shekhar, Country Head (India), CFA Institute
The rising equity market and lack of other investment avenues for making money has seen a huge ... their financial lives, such as retirement planning. However, it is not true that everyone is trying to come into India and set up wealth management services.

How to replace your salary by investing small amounts in Mutual Funds?
Many investors keep putting their money in ... Systematic investment plan (SIP) in mutual fund is where an investor invests equal monthly or quarterly savings in mutual fund schemes. There are over 10,000 mutual fund schemes in India where you can invest.

10 Best Profitable Investment Options in India
post retirement expense, children marriage etc. It also helps you to achieve financial freedom at a long run. In short, investment is making your money work for you. Keeping these thoughts in mind 10 Best Profitable Investment Options in India are given below.

Need supply side solutions to solve the household finance problem in India
Indian households rely heavily on gold and real estate, are under-insured, have very little pension corpus build-up, and take home mortgages much later in life Lockheed offers to export F-16 fighter jets from proposed India plant Aurobindo Pharma in talks.