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Los Angeles Water and Power Bids Adieu to INTECH.(News)
The minutes from an August 19 board meeting indicate that the board unanimously agreed to end its contract with INTECH Investment Management. The manager has had a rocky standing at the plan since 2007. At the meeting Jeremy Wolfson, CIO at the plan.

New CEO chosen at INTECH Investment Management
Adrian Banner was named CEO at INTECH Investment Management, according to a statement from the company sent to Pensions & Investments. Mr. Banner replaces Jennifer Young, who has stepped down, according to the statement. Ms. Young will serve as a.

UK government to install solar on 800,000 low-income houses
David Hunter, the director of market studies at energy management firm Schneider Electric, is cautious about the initiative. “Obviously any kind of investment in the transition ... BBC Images via Pixabay, Simple Wikipedia.

The digital transformation of learning: Social, informal, self-service, and enjoyable
Call it the digitization of learning or just the realization of the the promise of the Internet, it's become abundantly clear that freeform online repositories of knowledge such as YouTube and Wikipedia ... outdated -- learning management system (LMS.

Company Overview of INTECH Investment Management LLC
INTECH Investment Management LLC is a privately owned investment manager. The firm primarily provides its services to pension and profit sharing plans. It also caters to high net worth individuals, banking or thrift institutions, investment companies.

Ethernet strategies in practice
As more realize these benefits, there is an increased desire to take advantage and expand them into new management practices for improved ... enabling a company to preserve and extend its investment in present equipment. Now that Ethernet has proven.

Passive management doesn’t add up for mathematical investor
Investors in a low returns environment may be looking to lower their risk and costs through passive investing, but self-described mathematical investor, INTECH Investment Management, has steadfastly argued that the case for passive management doesn’t add up.

Tips From The Experts – What is Community Management?
Nowadays, community management is an essential part of every business aiming ... The amount of work is a bit more time-consuming, but the effort is totally worth the investment. Want to start blogging? You’ll find these tips on how to write a good.

Use It or Lose It: Frittering Away Civil Society’s Strategic Advantage
Prahalad, one of the more influential management thinkers of the past generation or two ... This is an advantage of some enormity. Wikipedia would not exist without it. Even though people might love to tweet about the latest burger at a fast-food emporium.

How I Estimate Future Dividend Raises
So perhaps it might be useful to look at a company's dividend history. Over what time interval should we look? Wikipedia lists the most recent 3 recessions as occurring in 1990, 2001, and 2007, and I want to see how a company responds to recessions.