Is Hiring A Financial Planner Worth It


Avoid These 9 Traps to Become a Millionaire
A penny saved is worth nearly two pennies earned ... Minimizing taxes is a great way to help keep more of the money you are making. Talk with your fiduciary financial planner to see what other tax-saving strategies might be appropriate to help you keep.

This Advisor Plays Travel Agent To Prepare Clients For Retirement
When Al Zdenek, a wealth advisor with Traust Sollus Wealth ... “Even once they achieve financial security, their emotional attachment to work keeps many boomers on the job.” Many wealthy pre-retirees say fear of missing colleagues keeps them from.

City of Wagoner seeks input for long-range planning
We're going to invite people to give us their two-cents worth," she said. Residents and visitors ... soon after he took the city planner's job. "We've had a lot of great support, and we hope to have a lot of input," he said. Representatives of the.

Worth reading: Tried and true manuals for success
This is a popular guide for job seekers. Like most such books ... It also introduces a lot of other financial topics: savings versus spending, insurance that you do or don’t need, etc. This probably isn’t the only financial guide you’ll ever need.

Should You Hire an Employee’s Significant Other?
A client asked for my help thinking through a decision to hire a current ... re risking your agency’s financial future in an unnecessary, completely avoidable way. Your agency is likely your biggest financial asset; is it worth the risk.

8 Financial Questions to Ask Before Moving to Another State
You or your significant other got a new job offer in another state – congratulations ... tired)," writes Ellen R. Siegel, a certified financial planner in Miami. Use this exercise to learn from your past emotional spending mistakes – and avoid them.

If You Plan to Fund Your Retirement by Selling Your Business, This Is What You Need to Know
According to CNBC and the Financial Planning Association, 78 percent of small-business ... If you knew your business was worth enough to fund your retirement, would you choose to spend more years working or would you take early retirement.

Why Your Accountant, Lawyer and Financial Planner Should Talk
Many people have multiple professionals, from financial advisors to lawyers to tax advisors, on their financial teams. It is the job of these professionals ... vice president of financial planning at Northwestern Mutual. “That ensures you’re doing.

How to protect your finances before a natural disaster
Secure access to important documents If you've worked with a financial planner, you likely have access to an electronic ... recommend keeping enough money to cover three to six months' worth of expenses in your savings account. While that's something.

The Price of Good Advice: 3 Ways a Financial Adviser Can Save You Money
3. Income planning. You may be working with a financial professional who’s doing a good job accumulating money for your retirement — but if you don’t have a solid distribution plan in place, you still could come up short or lose a large chunk of your.