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The Trouble with Target-Date Funds in Retirement - Kiplinger Personal Finance
In fact, the general idea behind target-date series that glide “to” retirement is that you'll sell your shares in the fund when you retire and move the money to an IRA, where you have the freedom to invest in other assets, says Todd Rosenbluth, head of.

Mutual Fund Rankings, 2017 - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Hodges Pure Contrarian illustrated the trend, with its 70.5% gain fueled by beaten-down industrial and energy stocks, such as U.S. Steel and Southwestern Energy. In 2015 , the fund lost 37%. Homestead Small Company Stock, a member of the Kiplinger 25,&nbsp.

Are You Investing Like It's the 1950s? - Kiplinger Personal Finance
After all, they have stocks and bonds and mutual funds in their portfolios. They have large caps and small caps, and maybe even something invested in emerging markets or a variable annuity. In my view, though, that isn't diversification. Those.

Advice From All-Star Women Fund Managers - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Of the 25 funds in the Kiplinger 25, a number have women managers. I interviewed several of ... The team approach also provided support for Stock in 2015 , when the fund's emphasis on energy and financial stocks hurt returns, and paved the way for a big.

Pros and Cons of Rolling Your 401(k) Into an IRA - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Average expense ratios for retirement plans have declined, partly because plans feature more index mutual funds . The average fee is 0.68% for stock funds and 0.54% for bond funds, according to a 2015 survey by the Investment Company Institute. To see&nbsp.

The Best of Kiplinger’s Top Fidelity Income Funds
For investors attracted to floating-rate bond funds, but who are not comfortable with the price risk, FFRHX is more conservative than the average bank loan mutual fund. Over half of FFRHX’s portfolio consists of bonds with credit quality above a “B.

5 Index-Beating Vanguard Funds - Kiplinger Personal Finance
“The argument against actively managed funds comes down to cost,” Wiener says. “There are lots of good managers, but they are hampered by huge operating-cost headwinds.” The average U.S. stock mutual fund charges 1.14% annually; Vanguard's&nbsp.

Claiming the Saver's Credit on Your Tax Return - Kiplinger Personal Finance
If you plan to make a significant gift to charity, consider giving appreciated stocks or mutual fund shares that you've owned for more than one year instead of cash. Doing so ..... You can get a personalized Social Security assessment with Kiplinger's.

A Peek Behind the Mutual Fund Curtain Reveals Cons as Well as Pros - Kiplinger Personal Finance
Not only is it challenging to pick the right amount of market risk vs. safer financial vehicles, but once you get into the nitty-gritty of asset allocation — from stocks vs. bonds, to mutual funds vs. exchange-traded funds (ETFs), to real estate.

The 5 Best Bond Funds for 2017 - Kiplinger Personal Finance
On November 23, the 10-year Treasury yielded as much as 2.42%—its highest level since July 2015 . Is this the beginning of the end for ... With that in mind, here are my five favorite bond mutual funds for 2017, in order from safest to riskiest. My.

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