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Each year, thousands of children and adults either died from the disease or were left paralyzed. J. Robert Oppenheimer, 1944. American theoretical physicist and professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. Along with Enrico Fermi.

The Year in Review 2010–2011 1
Owsley via the AlcondaOwsley Foundation in honor of director Bonnie Pitman, 2011.7 jacomijn van der donk ... The Rachofsky Collection and the Dallas Museum of Art through the DMA/ amfAR Benefit Auction Fund, 2010.26.1, 42 x 42 in. 31 x 27 in.

Augmented Reality
This chapter focuses on professional photographic representations of the genocide in Rwanda and its aftermath. It examines the work of Gilles Peress, published in The Silence (1995), and Sebastião Salgado, published in Migrations: Humanity in ….

Theatre of the 20th century and beyond
Since naturalistic scenery had led to an excessive clutter of archaeologically authentic detail on stage, the reaction against it favoured simplicity, even austerity, but with a heightened expressiveness that could convey the true spirit of a play rather.

Robert Oppenheimer
55] In accordance with my verbal directions of July 15, it is desired that clearance be issued to Julius Robert Oppenheimer without delay irrespective of the information which you have concerning Mr Oppenheimer. He is absolutely essential to the project.

Guide to the Karl N. Llewellyn Papers 1890-1983
The collection is open for research, with the exception of material in Series XXV. This series contains restricted student materials, and is restricted for 80 years from date of record creation. Series XXIII, Audiovisual, does not include an access copy.

Babylon, Wissenskultur in Orient und Okzident
“Babylon: myth and truth” held in Berlin in 2008. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-3-11-022211-1 (acid-free paper) – ISBN 978-3-11-022212-8 (electronic) 1. Babylon (Extinct city) – Intellectual life – Congresses. 2. Learnin.

Floating Patches of HCN at the Surface of Their Aqueous Solutions – Can They Make “HCN World” Plausible?
Furthermore, HCN molecules show a strong lateral self-association behavior at the liquid surface, forming thus floating HCN patches at the surface of their aqueous solutions. Moreover, HCN molecules are staying, on average, an order of magnitude longer at.

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