Low And High Beta Etfs Vs Mutual Funds


2 Key Times to Invest in Actively Managed Funds
When should advisors consider investing their client monies in actively managed funds rather than cheaper passive index funds or ETFs ... market returns are low or negative. (Related: How to Use Active Share to Find High-Performing Mutual Funds) For.

Why Mutual Funds Aren't Dead - Investorplace.com
It's hard to justify charging a high management fee if you're essentially just tracking the S&P 500 but with less tax efficiency and cruddier performance. And ETFs ... So, a diversified portfolio that combines passive index funds and active traditional.

Will new smart-beta strategies boost target-date funds' performance? - InvestmentNews
The difference: The funds for younger investors with a longer time horizon emphasize return-seeking factors, such as momentum, while the funds for clients approaching retirement stress risk-reduction strategies, such as low volatility. "You seek higher.

Turner Investments To Acquire Leading ETF Innovator Elkhorn Capital Group - Markets Insider
30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Turner Investments Holdings LP ("Turner," or the "Company"), an affiliate of Veracen, LP ("Veracen") announced today that the Elkhorn Funds ' Board of Trustees has approved Turner's acquisition of Elkhorn Capital Group LLC.

Swedroe: Complexity In Funds Will Cost You - ETF.com
The past 15 years has seen a dramatic increase in the complexity of mutual funds as more funds are given the authority to use leverage, short sales and options—more than 40% of domestic equity funds have reported using at least one of these.

The smart beta ETF industry gets blasted at swank Manhattan summit by an unlikely group of critics - RIABiz
Certainly DFA's factor investing has credibility and that is pretty much what we are talking about here -- though it's notable that DFA doesn't like to have its funds called "smart beta " nor has it applied the approach to proprietary ETFs . ... “Most.

Turner Investments to acquire ETF issuer Elkhorn Capital
Turner Investments has announced that it has reached a definitive agreement with Elkhorn Funds’ Board ... and experience in mutual funds and separately managed accounts. Elkhorn’s largest ETF is the Elkhorn Lunt Low Vol/High Beta Tactical ETF (LVHB.

Are Smart Beta ETF Strategies Growing Too Big? - Nasdaq
Smart beta exchange traded funds that follow rules-based indexing methodologies increasingly grown in popularity, and this ETF segment's growth potential still has more room to run. "We've done the research and it suggests there is large capacity.

Are Quant ETFs Worth Buying?
Investors have piled into smart beta anyway. Assets in quant ETFs soared to a record high of $592 billion globally ... Instead of an algorithm buying every low price-book ratio stock, for instance, a mutual fund manager could spot value traps among them.

Swap Growth For Momentum This Fall (MTUM) - ETF Daily News (blog)
providing a lower -cost alternative to mutual funds . But that doesn't mean you have to remake your portfolio: Smart beta ETFs can refresh the traditional style box framework. Investors may consider complementing or replacing existing active.

The Charles Schwab Corporation (SCHW) vs. Nomura Holdings (NMR) Head-To-Head Contrast - The Ledger Gazette
Contrasting The Charles Schwab Corporation (SCHW) and LPL Financial Holdings (LPLA) TrueBlueTribune.

Research Affiliates: A Smart Beta For Sustainable Growth - ETF.com
Unfortunately for the investors in these funds , active growth managers, much like growth indices, have generally failed to deliver positive excess returns. ... Nonetheless, these vivid descriptions of dumb- versus -smart growth stocks illustrate.

GCOW: Still All About That Cash - Seeking Alpha
The fund seeks long-term gains and income by focusing on companies with the highest free cash flow yields. The fund ... Today I would like to do a follow up on the Pacer Global Cash Cows ETF (GCOW) to see if it deserve a look or a place in your.

US Zigs Passive, so Vanguard Zags Active Overseas - BloombergQuint
Vanguard intends to give overseas investors a break with its low -cost stock picking. ... I looked at the alpha -- or outperformance relative to a benchmark, as calculated by Morningstar -- generated by the institutional shares of 4,604 mutual funds.