Low Risk High Return Mutual Funds In India


Fixed income investment returns set to fall; how to stay safe AND look for high returns - Financial Express
From debt mutual funds lending to non-prime rate corporates to banks coming up with additional tier 1 bonds, fixed income instruments are taking on higher risks to ensure a higher rate of returns . It is better for investors to stick to AAA oriented.

3 Top Index Funds to Keep You in the Investing Game
Demitri Kalogeropoulos (Vanguard High Dividend Yield): Many income investors ... investing game without taking the risk of owning individual stocks, this is one of the best funds to accomplish that goal at very low cost. SPONSORED: 10 stocks we like.

MF Queries answered by Sridevi Ganesh, CFP - Economic Times
If you are looking at equity mutual funds with dividend options, you may get higher yield , but your principal is subjected to high volatility. As you are looking for low volatile instruments, equity mutual funds may not be suitable based on the limited.

MFs tapping retail savings on slashed bank savings deposits rates: ICRA - Economic Times
MUMBAI: With many lenders cutting interest rates on their savings account deposits, mutual fund houses have been able to sell low - risk products and tap into retail savings, says ICRA. ... "However, accounting for income tax benefits associated with.

Equity MFs are at record level. What is driving the growth? - Business Today
While foreign institutional investors (FIIs) have been pulling out from the Indian stock market, domestic institutional investors (DIIs) have provided strong support to markets. What is ... funds ? Are investors really understanding the risk attached.

Customer-friendly regulations MF investors must know - Daily News & Analysis
Some of the many benefits investors can enjoy while investing in mutual fund schemes include transparency, daily net asset value (NAV) declaration (and hence market value of investments), liquidity, convenience and superior risk-adjusted returns . In.

Selecting the right scheme with the right option - Daily News & Analysis
An investor should ask oneself the following questions before investing in mutual fund schemes. What is my age? What is the source of my earning? What is my holding objectivity? How long am I willing to continue investing? What is my holding period.

Which category of funds are the safest and the strongest on performance? - Outlook India
There are no funds that can be termed safest when investing in mutual funds . The risks can be high or low , but mutual funds without risk do not exist. You should understand this before you start making investments in mutual funds . As a unit holder, you&nbsp.

Top 10 mutual fund managers who created the most wealth for investors - Economic Times
In this backdrop, ET Wealth teamed up with Morningstar India to bring you its comprehensive annual study of the best equity fund managers based on their five-year performance . These fund ... To get the risk -adjusted score, the asset-weighted monthly.

Mutual Funds: High returns, low risk
There are many good investment options though, mutual funds ... want to sell, the fund will redeem the units for you. Illiquid shares or market conditions are their problem, not yours. MFs schemes allow one to invest in amounts as low as Rs 5,000.

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Stable Gains Outlook India.

Gold prices at 11-month high: Which gave maximum return - physical gold, bonds or ETFs? - Economic Times
When Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, pressed the button that detonated a hydrogen bomb last fortnight, gold traders around the world must have rejoiced. Gold usually does well during geopolitical turmoil and the current crisis over.