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How to build wealth: 10 rules backed by science - CNBC
I can say this with authority, given my four years of researching funds at Morningstar : Very few mutual funds outperform their passive benchmarks over time. Yes, some may crush their benchmarks ... That's why investors have been flocking to low-fee.

'Sustainable' funds lag behind booming ETFs - Reuters
Investors pulled $264.5 billion out of U.S. actively-managed equity mutual funds in 2016, while pumping a record $282 billion into exchange-traded funds, according to data from Morningstar and FactSet. ... ESG-focused funds have been one of the few.

In the ETF world, spoils still go to the biggest and cheapest - InvestmentNews
The ETF industry has grown largely due to passively managed, low -cost investments. ... "Actively managed funds have underperformed versus passively managed funds, especially over longer time periods, and experienced higher mortality rates," Ben Johnson.

Meet Earth’s Largest Money-Market Fund
according to data from Morningstar Inc. Yu’e Bao’s assets doubled in the past year alone, and the fund now makes up a quarter of China’s money-market mutual fund industry. Its ascent has been an accidental byproduct of a sharp shift among Chinese.

Morningstar backs new retirement calculator - InvestmentNews
Morningstar backs new retirement calculator ... It gives advice on the best times to take Social Security payouts and make taxable retirement account withdrawals, and builds and manages custom investment portfolios using low -cost exchange-traded funds.

Morningstar renders ETF verdict by discontinuing ETF-only conferences after ...
Morningstar has a bright ... storm into the active ETF market as fund giants tie pretzel dough. The success and ease with which Davis pivoted to ETF’s is also attributable to already being low cost on the mutual fund side – every dollar is 55 bps.

Artisan Partners and Lewis Kaufman Celebrate Artisan Developing World Fund's Two-Year Anniversary - GlobeNewswire (press release)
Artisan Partners. The Fund recently received a Morningstar Analyst Rating TM of Bronze, as well as inclusion on the Morningstar FundInvestor 500 List which highlights the industry's “best and most notable” funds. ... International investments.

Is There a Passive Investing Bubble? - ETF Trends
According to Morningstar , for the one-year period ended in March, active equity mutual funds lost $340 billion in assets, while passive funds gained $462.5 billion. Between 2009 and August 2016, the accumulative inflows to ... The current high PE ratio.

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Morningstar Premium Members have access to full analyst reports such as this for more than 1,000 of the largest and best mutual funds . Not a Premium Member? Gain full ... A differentiated, well-executed investment process, a well-resourced team, and.

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The Morningstar Rating for funds, often called the Star rating, is a data-driven measure that looks at how well a fund has performed compared to similar funds, adjusted for the amount of risk the fund takes. ... Morningstar .com offers coverage of 950.