Lowest Performing Mutual Funds For The Past Ten Years


Best Performing Mutual Funds in the Last 10 Years
Based on their total percentage increases in net asset value (NAV) over the past 10 years, from 2005 to 2015, the following are the top four best-performing mutual funds. The expense ratio for the fund is 1.17%, notably below the category average fee level.

The 10 best, 10 worst US stocks of 2017 - MarketWatch
The big milestone on everybody's mind over the past week has been President Trump's first 100 days in office. But with one-third of 2017 in the books, we thought it might be useful to see which stocks have had the best and worst performance so far this.

10 best, 10 worst stocks in the eight-year bull market - MarketWatch
A Professional Bull Riders Inc. employee rides a horse in front of the New York Stock Exchange earlier this year . By ... From its pre-crisis high on Oct. 9, 2007, the index has risen 52% (and returned 86%, with reinvested dividends) through March 8 of.

Black Monday 2.0: The Next Machine-Driven Meltdown - Barron's
Although the event to which those two words refer occurred 30 years ago, they still carry the weight of that day—Oct. 19, 1987—when the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed nearly a quarter of its value in wave after wave of selling. .... The U.S.

Tax-loss harvesting points to energy ETFs - Fox Business
As the end of the year nears, it is never too early to think about ways to efficiently manage a diversified investment portfolio. One way for some to get more oomph out of their investments is through an exchange traded fund tax-loss harvesting.

EU watchdogs to study cost, performance of mutual funds
PARIS (Reuters) - European Union financial regulators will conduct a large-scale study of the cost and performance of mutual funds, a top regulator said on ... would assess the reporting of costs and past performance of retail investment products, to.

Going With Growth ETFs - Benzinga
This year , the growth factor resumed its outperformance of the value factor, benefiting a host of exchange traded funds along the way. Investors can easily access growth stocks via ETFs, whether be by sector funds or more diversified products that.

Bearish Fund Traders Head For Early Hibernation (SH)
We say that due to the fact that assets in such funds have shrunk to their lowest level in history. We’ve covered this data on multiple occasions in the past ... mutual fund assets, in general, have been in a structural decline for about 10 years.

Lessons From The Top 100 Mutual Funds Over The Last 10 Years
This article tries to answer the question of what might be the highest return you could expect from a mutual ... 10-year return of 17.97% per year for the past 10 years. Okay then, before I let this go on and on and show you just how many top performing.

Buffalo International Fund (BUFIX) Celebrates 10 Year Milestone, Receives Updated Morningstar Ranking
The Morningstar Rating™ is a measure of a mutual fund's risk-adjusted return relative to similar investment products over 3, 5, and 10-year periods ... Gross expense ratio is 1.05%. Performance data quoted represents past performance; past performance.

The 50 Best Mutual Funds and ETFs, Period - Money Magazine
Over the past 10 years , PRFZ has returned 8.8% annually vs. 7% for Royce Opportunity. Vanguard Mid-Cap Value Index (VOE). The MONEY 50 already has a midcap index fund , iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap (IJH), which provides broad exposure to midsize&nbsp.