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Sun Life’s mutual funds breach P60B
The mutual fund unit of Sun Life of Canada – which is increasingly targeting millennials or young adults as investors ... almost half consisted of equity funds while money market funds accounted for 30 percent. The rest consisted of US dollar-denominated.

The Trump White House Gave These Mutual Funds a Big Boost - Fortune
When you include big- money investors like pension funds , high-net-worth individuals, private equity, and sovereign-wealth funds , there was roughly $9 trillion in ESG assets for U.S.-listed products. There was $23 ... As a generation, millennials are.

Should Millennials buy Snapchat stock? - CNNMoney
At $17 a share, LA company behind Snapchat is worth nearly $24 billion Los Angeles Times.

The Trump White House Gave These Mutual Funds a Big Boost
So how have mutual funds in the ... As it turns out, funds in this category have kept up with the market--even as the market itself has had a strong year. Just as significant: Investors are pouring new money into the category at an unprecedented rate.

All about how mutual funds work
And when that same study looked at actively managed mutual fund performance over 15 years (you know, close to the length of time you’d keep your money in to save for retirement) more than 90% fail to beat the market. Mutual funds are very hands off when.

Vanguard Money Market Mutual Funds
Whether it’s for short-term liquidity or as part of a conservative income portfolio, you’re likely to find what you need amid the low-cost selection of Vanguard money market funds. The primary reasons investors use money market funds are to meet some.

New US liquidity rules strain mutual funds
New US rules have been introduced to prevent any repeat for money market funds, but regulators across the world are still wrestling with how best to strengthen safety standards for traditional mutual funds. A variety of contentious proposals could prove.

This is why millennials can't have nice things (or save any money) - MarketWatch
Millennials Struggle with Financial Vices PR Newswire (press release.

Millennials Spend A Big Part of Their Work Day Stressed Out By Their Finances - Money Magazine
quot;Stress can wreak havoc on productivity and an employee's health," Lisa Margeson, head of Retirement Client Experience & Communications at Bank of AMerica Merrill Lynch, told MONEY . And the younger generation has reason to be stressed. Millennials &nbsp.

These Are the Cities Where Millennials Can Actually Afford to Buy Homes - Money Magazine
The main reason millennials are a small percentage of buyers in certain markets is pretty obvious: House prices are sky-high. A millennial with a typical income might have to save for decades in order to have enough for a solid down payment on a home,&nbsp.

Millennials Leading ETF Investing Charge - ETF Trends
The easy to trade, cost efficient and transparent exchange traded fund investment vehicle has become a widely popular means of capturing market returns, and if the trend continues, ETF adoption may be headed for continued growth for years to come.