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Buying mutual fund for the first time? Here are 10 things you must know - Financial Express
First-time mutual fund investors should understand the basic concept of mutual funds . For, every one wants to pool in one's money in certain mutual fund schemes with a view to earn high returns, but before doing so, there are many things you should be&nbsp.

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In a paper from 2014, research firm Morningstar found that a laser focus on better financial decisions could add 1.82 percent a year of extra earnings, a concept the investment research firm dubbed "gamma." Among the ... The basics of tax alpha call.

A financial planner explains what everyone tends to get wrong about one of the most common concepts in investing
Even if you know only the bare basics of investing ... having a bunch of different mutual funds or ETFs or even stocks," Bob Gavlak, CFP and wealth adviser with Strategic Wealth Partners in Columbus, Ohio, told Business Insider. "A lot of people.

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Financial literacy still eludes a majority of Indians who do not understand even the most basic financial concepts . IIT Kharagpur alumni Varun Mundra has the first-hand experience of this while working for ... Sensing this need for sound financial.

Advising FAs: Explaining Mutual Funds to a Client
But occasionally you meet a client who doesn't understand even the most basic concepts and tools of successful investing ... you explain to clients why they should invest. What Is a Mutual Fund? As you probably know, mutual funds have become extremely.

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And over the last 20 years, when you look at this broad space called mutual funds , I see the space having three actors—one is the investor, the other part is the fund manager and the rest of us—who are the communicators between these two. There is no.

So You Think You Really Know Your Fund?
here is a pop quiz on some of the basic concepts that every fund investor should know. The questions are not designed to stump you, just to test your level of knowledge and awareness. Good luck. The questions: 1) True or false--When a mutual fund portfolio.

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There are some core concepts that people miss, too. When you go shopping for mutual funds , for example, and you get managed funds, the fees associated with those funds seem very, very small when you buy into the fund. But then when you start.

What are mutual funds? Where do they invest?
We will use this 6-part series to understand mutual funds from their very basic concepts. Here is the first part ... you have created your own mutual fund. When the concept of companies initially formed, people who knew each other and were willing to.

Kotak Mutual Fund’s SIP Day attracts 30,000 investors
COIMBATORE: Kotak Mutual Fund (MF) has announced that its investor awareness ... Independent financial advisors (IFAs) and distributors also contributed by simplifying and decoding basic concepts to educate investors through social media platforms.