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UK MPs urge Government to challenge controversial EU film and TV plans
Along with the Governments of France, Spain and Italy, the UK Government needs to oppose any proposed EU interventions that threaten the principle of territorial exclusivity for copyright licensing, including via the introduction ... to fund TV and film.

7 must-know money lessons you should have learned in school — but probably didn't
Most of the time, getting a basic student credit card or student loan, for example, can provide the introduction to building credit ... $500-valued, front-loaded mutual fund purchased in 1970 could grow to $68,684 with average earning returns and then.

Gas crisis to go in 2018
“So, we have to remember that it is costly, and its introduction will lead to some price ... Anis A Khan, managing director of Mutual Trust Bank, said low-cost funds from development partners are available for green and renewable energy and energy.

Introduction of certain additional schemes for ongoing transaction of Edelweiss Mutual Fund on BSE StAR MF Platform
MFIs/MFDs/RIAs are hereby informed that Edelweiss Mutual Fund will be offering certain additional schemes for ongoing transactions for purchase and redemption on the BSE StAR MF Platform with effect from September 11, 2017.

Still a building society, VMBS enters consumer loan market
Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS) is expanding its product offering to include credit cards, auto loans, education loans and other personal loans by the end of December 2018. The introduction ... loans secured by the funds in an individual's savings.

What changed for the market while you were sleeping? 16 things you should know
India’s corporate debt rose to a 7-year high at March end India’s cash crunch and confusion over the introduction of a national sales ... SIP inflows touch Rs 5,206-cr milestone in August Mutual fund (MF) investments through the systematic investment.

Retirement: We're Making Some Changes (Part 2)
Introduction: If you won the lottery ... When I was a younger man, buying dividend paying stocks or even buying mutual funds, it seemed to me to be a good idea to reinvest distributions, whether they were from dividends, in the case of individual stocks.

Relax, Wall Street: ETFs aren’t the root of all evil, says UBS
And if Wall Street undergoes a sharp decline, critics of the investment wrapper -- which hold baskets of securities, like mutual funds, but price and trade ... quoting the film’s introduction: “The machines rose from the ashes of nuclear fire.

Introduction to automatic exchange of information for investment funds
While a fund is not technically operating until it starts to accept subscription payments from investors (for the purposes, at least, of the Mutual Funds Law), in reality, all funds must provide their GIIN numbers to banking and other counterparties at an.