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1, 2017 /CNW/ - Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc. ("Horizons ETFs") announced today a non-cash distribution (the "Non-Cash Distribution") to unitholders of the Horizons China High Dividend Yield Index ETF (the "ETF"), which trades on the Toronto.

Your Finance: Capital gains taxes on mutual funds
At the end of this year, many mutual funds are expected to distribute sizable capital gains to shareholders who will have to pay taxes on them. That is true of stock mutual funds that sold off last week after carrying... Optimum Online customers get.

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The size of the payout depends on the fund and its investment strategy. A fund that holds stocks for long periods, such as an index fund, will have fewer distributions than actively managed funds that frequently trade. Mutual fund research firm.

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So if you earn 8% on the debt fund and inflation (measured by CII) increases by 5% in the same period, you pay 20% tax only on 3% (8%-5%), which is 0.6% (20%*3%) versus 2.4% (8%*30%) 4 times higher in an FD investment. ... Everything else kept constant.

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There is a further advantage to the mutual fund option if you stay invested for more than three years. If you redeem after three years, then the gains are classified as long-term capital gains and are taxed after indexation. Roughly speaking, you get.

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But what if I told you we can top that 96.3% gain in the next five years? ... And if you put all 3 of these income studs in a $1 million portfolio, you'd trigger $8,417 in monthly dividend payments (even better, two of these CEFs–PDI and DMO–actually.

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If you're closing in on retirement, you have a unique opportunity ahead for a potentially huge tax break. That's because when you stop taking home a salary , you're more likely to be eligible to pay zero taxes on your long-term capital gains — as.

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You are beginning well, but you will realize the full benefits that mutual fund investments can bring to your financial life only if you keep growing your investment contributions in a planned manner. ... Since it is a liquid fund, the gain will not be.

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They are subject to the 15 percent rate if the regular tax rate that would apply is 25 percent or higher ; however, the highest tax bracket, 39.6%, is taxed at a 20 percent rate. ... Capital gains rates. The beneficial long-term capital gains rates on.

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That means that the security's value on your loved one's date of death is your cost basis; you'll owe capital gains tax on any appreciation that occurs between the date of death and the time you sell. Whereas assets must be held for at least one year.

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The majority, and possibly all, of this distribution will be paid out of net investment income earned by the Fund . A portion of this distribution may come from net short-term realized capital gains or return of capital. The final determination of the.

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Earlier, mutual fund investors were deemed new subscribers for taxation purposes if a scheme merged with another. This meant investors had to pay short-term capital gains tax of 15% for an equity scheme if they exited it within a year. The Budget this.