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New Firm Founded to Help Financial Advisors Buy/Sell Businesses
And, to assist the advisor ... Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Succession Link is a solution that provides financial advisors with a platform for buying and selling financial service practices. It also provides advisors with access to resources that.

College of Wooster
Northeastern Ohio is home to the College of Wooster, a 150-year-old liberal arts school with ... Almost all students receive some type of financial aid from the college. More.

Russian Security News
Recently the state controlled Russian media has had several stories of prosecutions for embezzlement and other misbehavior explain a lot of the financial and quality ... who want to control northeastern Syria (their ancestral homeland) and at least have.

'No' votes on Harvey aid 'unconscionable,' McCaul says in poke at 4 other Texas Republicans
Northeastern lawmakers and leaders such as Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey have called out a number of Texas Republicans who opposed relief money after Superstorm Sandy, calling them hypocrites now that they're pushing for Harvey aid. McCaul said that.

Northeastern president pledges $1 million to expanding global opportunities for students
but also allow the university to provide financial aid to students who wish to participate but might not be able to afford to do so, the university said. Over 90 percent of Northeastern students participate in the co-op program, which allows them to work.

Can't afford college? Call an advisor
advisors say there is still time to make recommendations on test preparation and to add extracurricular activities that will appeal to the admissions committee. Todd Weaver, a former financial aid officer at Northeastern University and senior associate of.

Safe Money Resource and Their "Safe Money Approved" Independent Advisor Launch New Website
Chris Walker, a Maryland based wealth planner with 25+ years of experience and a "Safe Money Approved" advisor ... based Walker Financial, where he holds multiple state licenses. At present he helps retirees and workers throughout the northeastern United.

Goodwill honors program champions, re-elects board members
Re-elected directors are: Richard Bromley, retired, United Airlines; Joseph Doman Jr., UBS Financial; William Glaeser, retired, Northeastern Educational ... CAPTRUST Financial Advisors. Event sponsors were: bronze — BCG and Co./BCG Systems, Bober Markey.

Dealing with the financial aspects of a natural disaster
Contents should include a small amount of cash; a list of emergency contacts, doctors, and financial advisors; copies of important prescriptions ... To receive federal disaster aid, victims must apply and receive a registration number, which is required.

Students face problems with Financial Aid Department
A growing trend within the student body of Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU ... she was told by the front desk representative in financial aid to talk to her advisor. Her advisor looked up her file and said that she didn't see any hold on her.