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Ariadne Capital Announces the EU's first 'Plug and Play' Investment Platform, the ...
Platform and EntrepreneurCountry Global for its Malta-based team. Ariadne Malta will be launching a campus in Malta 1H 2017. Two new Senior Advisors join Ariadne Capital in Malta: - Mikko Pukhalla, who first worked with Julie Meyer as First Tuesday.

“Would You Let Your Kid Play Football?” – The Question Lots of People Are Asking
We here at Midwest Sports Fans know better than anyone about how Jay Cutler dominates on the football field. But earlier this week Kristin Cavallari, Cutler’s fiancee, cast doubts on whether the couple’s son, Camden Cutler, will learn his father’s trade.

Anti-national NDTV’s presstitute Journo thrashed big by Randeep Hooda for spreading false news.
Sunetra Choudhury, an NDTV Journalist & Author, was tweeting about an interesting conversation with her Yoga Guru. As expected, her answers didn’t go down well with Twitter junta. Well, any conversation is much more interesting when the information flows.

Paul Baghdadlian Passes Away [Updated]
LOS ANGELES—Legendary Armenian singer Paul Baghdadlian passed away early Tuesday morning at Glendale Adventist Hospital after a long illness. Born in Aleppo, Syria in 1953, Paul Baghdadlian is considered one of the most popular Armenian singers.

10 Great Tablet Banking Features Enhancing The Customer Experience - The Financial Brand
Subscribe Today Innovation within the tablet banking space has been proliferating over the past 12-24 months. Banks are shifting their focus on providing customers with a high level of personalization and adding features and functionality that.

The Real Reasons that Germany Is Demanding that the U.S. Return Its Gold
In fact, many allege that the gold is gone: Cheviot Asset Management’s Ned Naylor-Leyland says that the Fed and Bank of England will never return gold to its foreign owners. Jim Willie says that the gold is gone. Others allege that the gold has not been.

What to do if you’ve been scammed into buying carbon credits as an investment
Over the past 18 months, REDD-Monitor has written a series of posts about companies selling carbon credits as investments. From the comments it’s clear that a large number of people have been taken in by the scam and many have handed over their life.

Turn a Stick Into the Perfect Camping Pot Holder
Boiling water over a campfire can be an easy way to get burned if you’re not careful. This clever pot holder can save you some pain, and only requires you have a knife and a stick. A few hours watching the Discovery Channel can prompt extreme survival.

GP Investments (GPIIF US) – Your chance to team up with Brazilian Investment Superstars like Uncle Warren did ?
GP investments trades at a discount to its holdings (in which it invests along its 3rd party private equity funds) plus you get the asset management company for free. On top of that, management is aligned with shareholders and repurchases shares.

Customer Service 2.0: The Importance of Live Chat In Banking
Simply put: the infrastructure is manageable for nearly every financial institution in any asset class. Wells Fargo was a pioneer ... You can identify areas your management team needs to address simply by scanning transcripts. An institution’s chat.