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Through April 30, Parnassus Endeavor ( PARWX ), which focuses on, among other things, corporate workplace policies, was the third-best large-company mutual fund over the past 10 years, number five over five years and number 11 over three years.

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The Wall Street Journal reported "environmental and social issues have accounted for 56% of shareholder proposals, representing a majority for the first time" in 2014. The surge in number of socially responsible mutual funds itself echoes the growth story.

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Socially responsible investing (SRI) means choosing your investments based on your moral and ethical beliefs. For example, if you believe that tobacco companies are unethical, you would refrain from buying stocks or bonds issued by those companies.

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Socially responsible ETFs have accumulated $5.7 billion in assets under management, or a third of the $15.4 billion invested in the Parnassus Core Equity fund , the largest actively managed ESG-focused mutual fund , and only a sliver of the broader $3.

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What could take socially responsible investing to the next level? Workplace retirement plans. Cracking the code on the 401(K) market would put ESG and SRI mutual funds squarely in front of workplace savers with smaller portfolios. Plus, it's a giant.

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Dodson founded Parnassus Investments , committed to socially responsible investing, in 1984. The firm has $18 billion in six mutual funds populated with companies committed to fair labor and ethical business practices, charitable giving, environmental&nbsp.

Socially responsible investing and your portfolio
A much easier route is through mutual funds. Canada has a growing selection of funds that seek out socially responsible, ethical and environmental investments. These funds do the screening for you, by picking investments that meet their criteria.

Mutual Fundsโ€™ Role in Socially Responsible Investing
Do you want to make a socially responsible investment ... Subscriptions can be managed in your user profile. The Parnassus Core Equity Fund Investor Shares (PRBLX) is one of the largest mutual funds in this space, with net assets of $12.5 billion in.

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It is known as environmental, social and governance (or E.S.G.) investing, or sometimes simply as โ€œ socially responsible investing.โ€ These labels encompass a wide array of options and criteria, which have been used for years among mutual funds and&nbsp.

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Combining the desire to make money with the impulse to do good is a concept that is catching on. Although such socially responsible investing has been around for decades, the amount of money invested according to ethical and social principles has grown&nbsp.

Thereโ€™s Nothing Special About Socially Responsible Investing
Using sustainability metrics Morningstar began providing in 2016, the team grouped mutual funds by ESG rating and tracked performance over four years. As it turns out, socially responsible funds are basically indistinguishable, return-wise โ€“ as others.

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Jerome Dodson: Parnassus Investments defines high-quality companies as those with competitive advantages, quality management, and responsible business practices. I believe a high-quality .... Jerome Dodson: In the very early years of Parnassus, I.