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Ashutosh has always preferred investing in fixed income instruments. Over the next 10 years, ... Mutual fund investing is not only about a fund manager selecting stocks, creating a portfolio and then buying or selling stocks to manage the portfolio.

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Personally, I spend a lot of time trying to anticipate the market's next passive rotation. For instance, I came into the end of June believing that what I call a "Homebrew Risk Parity" strategy (using long-dated bonds as a hedge for equity exposure.

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“We are a premier alpha- generator firm—that's our goal,” says Hailer, whose firm is a division of French banking giant BPCE. “We don't do passive .” In October, Natixis unveiled its first U.S. exchange-traded fund , Natixis Seeyond International Minimum.

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In the U.K., there are a number of generators of excellence over the years who are regularly picking up awards; Prusik Asian Equity Income , Henderson Preference & Bond, Russell Investments UK Long Dated Gilt, and Techinvest Special Situations are funds &nbsp.

Six ways to generate steady income
There are also a couple of other options from the mutual funds stable, which can provide a regular source of income. Let us look at some of the options available for a steady passive income: If one can afford it, investing in a property that can generate.

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I’ve been following your plan, and I’d like to find a way to make a little more money on the side. Do you have any ideas for generating some passive income? First, I want to make sure you’re not getting involved with some get-rich-quick scheme, like.

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Even in the safest of investment backed by a sovereign guarantee, the risk is that of losing the purchasing power on the income earned. Whether equities or ... Index funds are passive funds with no role of the fund manager in its performance. It mimics.

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Apply for credit cards one at a time When you apply for multiple credit cards at the same time, you generate ... funds versus passive vehicles, such as ETFs? Here’s why it’s so difficult to pick a winner. Before ETFs became so popular, mutual fund.

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Dividend mutual funds pay out a dividend at regular intervals to their fund holders. They hold a basket of equities that pay dividends, the exposure of which can be domestic, foreign, global, or a combination of different geographic regions. These.

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Index funds are mutual funds that are tied to a particular market index. These funds are designed to mirror the performance of the underlying index they track, and they offer some advantages over other investments for investors whose goal is passive.