Performance And Characteristics Of Actively Managed Institutional Equity Mutual Funds


DoubleLine’s Smart-Beta Fund Is A Hit
Now a leading mutual fund group is joining the smart-beta movement with a fund that uses a very long-term rearview mirror to determine whether sectors are undervalued or overvalued. The equity side ... a low-volatility, actively managed fixed-income.

Active management is not in a death spiral
Assets managed in mutual funds, institutional mandates and so-called alternatives (hedge funds, private equity funds and infrastructure ... among investors with the poor performance and high fees of traditional active managers is driving the shift into.

Turner Investments Kills Troubled Funds, Pivots to ETFs
Growth equity manager Turner Investment Holdings ... factor- and model-based approach with an emphasis on risk management.” Turner plans to shut down its three existing mutual funds and return remaining assets to investors. ETF products, primarily.

This Example is intended to help you compare the cost of investing in the Fund with the cost of investing in other mutual funds ... s earnings and can be more volatile. Management Risk. The Fund is actively managed and depends heavily on the Adviser.

Active ETFs are ripe for transparent, low-cost strategies
For passive ETFs designed to mimic the performance of an index, costs can be attractively low. In the current bull market, many passive ETFs also have outperformed many actively-managed mutual funds ... With the U.S. equity markets having climbed to.

Performance and Characteristics of Actively Managed Institutional Equity Mutual Funds
In this study, we provide extensive evidence on the performance characteristics of 1,118 U.S. domestic, actively managed institutional equity mutual funds. We measure performance using such measures as three-year Sharpe ratios, Jensen's alphas, and Miller.

Parnassus Investments: A Deeper Look At The Performance
PRBLX did not produce an alpha that was statistically significant at the 95% confidence level even though their risk-adjusted performance has been quite impressive relative to other active funds ... equity, and socially responsible fixed income. Their.

Bank of America and Asset Managers Slowing Alpha Creation
The recent rise in equities has resulted in a strong performance of mutual funds ... s Asset Management division added $27.5 billion in long-term flows for 2Q17, reflecting an increased preference for equity offerings among institutional as well as.

2 Key Times to Invest in Actively Managed Funds
Related: How to Use Active Share to Find High-Performing Mutual Funds ... Actively managed international equity funds have a greater chance of outperforming if correlation among stock performance is low and the dispersion of returns is high, which.