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MKU, Makerere research fund to benefit EA scientists
Researchers in East Africa will benefit from a research fund established to address common health issues ... "I believe we shall also have mutual learning of our cultures, the cultures of our communities and that our collaboration will contribute to.

Still in money market funds? Here's a better way to park your cash - The Globe and Mail
Mr. Paterson, the fund analyst, came up with one modest exception to the rule that investment savings accounts beat money market funds. He says it's convenient to hold cash in a money market fund if you deal exclusively with one fund company and want.

Do-it-yourself investors: Watch those online broker fees - The Globe and Mail
One exception to this rule is Qtrade Investor, which was ranked No. 1 in the latest Globe brokerage ranking. Another is Questrade, an ... Many firms have dropped all fees for buying and selling mutual funds , and that means you can buy pretty much any.

All-in-one simplicity: The portfolio in a box - The Globe and Mail
The typical ETF is an index -tracking fund that trades like a stock; a very small number of ETFs bundle a group of underlying funds into a fund -of-funds portfolio. Two of these ... Qtrade Investor and Scotia iTrade have a limited selection of commission.

Series D: Fund industry makes a play for the DIY investor - The Globe and Mail
Starting next month, at least two brokerage firms will start selling low-fee Series D mutual funds from three companies, BlackRock, Invesco and Mackenzie, that are specifically aimed at DIY investors. ... Now, RBC is adding D funds from the three.

The No-Fee ETF Portfolio Beats the Pros - The Motley Fool Canada
Here you will notice that Qtrade Financial Group, itself 70% owned by Desjardins Group, Canada's largest financial cooperative, has two mutual fund families available for investment: OceanRock and Meritas SRI Funds. Click on the Meritas Maximum Growth&nbsp.

Ask MoneySense - MoneySense
Are you thinking about making the switch to a new online brokerage. Use the list below to build your own side-by-side comparison. Simply select the brokerages you want to learn more about and see how they stack up to each other across 27 separate&nbsp.

Canada's Best Discount Brokerages 2015 - MoneySense
For many Canadians, their bank is that all-in-one tool: the place where they not only have a chequing account and maybe a mortgage, but also where they hold their investments . No wonder the Big Five banks also dominate the online brokerage space in&nbsp.

What if my broker goes bust? … and other reader questions - The Globe and Mail
What sort of protection for your funds do you get from a non-bank online broker (such as Qtrade or Questrade) compared to a bank-owned online broker (such as BMO InvestorLine or RBC Direct Investing) if the broker should go belly up? All investment.

Good to the last DRIP: Five ways to reinvest - Globe and Mail
You can see his model portfolio here. Reinvesting dividends is one of the surest ways to build wealth. But as Dave Hook discovered, it's not as easy as it sounds. Some stocks and exchange-traded funds that qualify for dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs.

When Should You Sell a Mutual Fund?
Read: Mutual Funds Are the Key to Millennials' Retirement.] There's a high expense ratio. In an era of low-cost index and exchange-traded funds, it can be hard to justify a fund that charges a hefty fee. With expense ratios, Gearig suggests staying below.

How to invest a RRIF - MoneySense
You can keep your direct costs down by buying exchange-traded funds (ETFs) through a discount broker. Questrade, iTrade, Qtrade Investor and Virtual Brokers offer no fee ETF purchases (you pay commissions on sale). The Vanguard FTSE Canada Index &nbsp.