Sin Stocks Mutual Funds


Vice Fund invests in smoking, drinking, gambling
Sin is in ... dividend-paying stocks. Middleswart replaced previous manager Charles Norton in February, after more than two decades as an investment analyst. The 40-year-old Dallas resident manages the eight-year-old fund for USA Mutual Funds, along.

3 Best Mutual Funds for ‘Sin Stocks’
Sin sells, and consumers are buying. Bulking up your portfolio with mutual funds that invest in sin stocks — which include alcohol, tobacco, and gaming — can be a smart defensive play now or a good tool for diversification at any time. Much like other.

How Mutual Fund Managers Pick Stocks
Like any other smart investor, a mutual ... some funds invest only in companies with certain market caps, those in certain industries or those with specific corporate values or practices, such as funds that do not invest in so-called "sin stocks" such.

Fund Manager Finds Plenty of Virtue in Sin Stocks
That's according to a mutual fund manager who's finding plenty of investment opportunities ... Vice is the only fund explicitly focusing on sin stocks. Its portfolio of about 30 stocks is divided almost equally among cigarettes, alcohol, gaming and casinos.

10 Best Mutual Funds to Buy Now
One of the best mutual funds that focuses on defensive stocks is USA Mutuals Barrier Fund Investor Class Shares ( VICEX) -- more commonly known as the Vice Fund. The Vice Fund holds stocks that can fall under the unofficial equity categorization of "sin.

There's No Such Thing As A 'Sin Stock'
Luckily, there's an actual VICE mutual fund with a long track record and that ... argue that investors can actually determine what is and what isn't a "sin stock." After all, if a fund manager who specializes in finding sin stocks can't consistently.

Beware: Shun Sin Stocks At Your Own Risk
With a Conscience While some funds cater to investors who seek to capitalize on sin stocks, socially-responsible funds take a decidedly different approach. Mutual fund Calvert Investments, which has $12.3 billion in assets under management, is one of.

A Good Day For Sin Stocks
To get a sense of what these rulings mean for weapons and tobacco stocks, U.S. News spoke with Jeff Middleswart, the manager of the Vice Fund. As its name suggests, this mutual fund invests in a wide array of sin stocks, including picks from the tobacco.

Social Finance: Where Wealth And Values Meet
Often, those words bring to mind the avoidance of so-called “sin stocks” — shares of companies involved ... One such example is a mutual fund that invests in emerging markets infrastructure or in clean-energy initiatives. For investors who care.

The Fund Route to Sin Stocks
Only one fund specializes in the entire range of sin stocks. Vice fund, run by Charles Norton since September 2005, invests in alcohol, gaming, tobacco and defense. We hardly consider military-related companies to be sinful, but Norton includes them.