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Wise giving in the wake of Hurricane Harvey | Consumer Information - Federal Trade Commission.

Wall Street is divided over the future of banks - Business Insider
While many investors have thrown in the towel on the chances of President Donald Trump enacting any sort of bank- friendly major tax or deregulatory policy, mutual funds are staying strong in their conviction. Nonetheless, if you dig deeper into the.

ETFs and Mutual Funds Square Off in the Post-Fiduciary-Rule World - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
By contrast, mutual funds —long a mainstay in retirement accounts—charge a variety of fees that are passed on to brokers, which have become a focal point of debate surrounding the fiduciary rule. That practice becomes more tricky .... In addition.

Rupee Rani: Nothing selfish about planning your future ladies, use your salary wisely - The News Minute
The more women in the workforce, the more women friendly offices become. ... Set aside a portion of your salary every month, to invest, either in a Mutual Fund SIP or in a recurring deposit. ... It will be much less, given that there will be tax cuts.

Several Big Hedge Funds Have Written Letters Warning Their Clients About Donald Trump - Money Magazine
Business leaders initially hailed Donald Trump's election as a victory for looser financial regulations and lower taxes that would improve investment opportunities. And since Nov. 8, the Dow Jones industrial average has shot up more than 1,500 points&nbsp.

Ask ET Mutual Funds: Should I make any changes to my mutual fund portfolio?
For a shorter term goal, these funds will not be tax friendly 2)Equity-oriented balanced funds may ... of funds to avoid higher expectation or risk of losses. (If you have any mutual fund queries, message ET Mutual Funds on Facebook. We will get it.

Donor-Advised Funds: Tax Break Now, Charity Later
A donor-advised fund is a great way to get a charitable tax deduction now and have an unlimited amount of time to decide which charities to support. Several mutual fund companies, brokerage firms and community foundations offer donor-advised funds.

Investors find mutual funds aren’t always tax-friendly
PITTSBURGH — Many mutual-fund investors were baffled this year to get a tax bill for mutual funds they owned that may not have even earned any money last year, and that has a lot to do with the disconnect between the way mutual funds operate and the.

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Investing In ETFs: How Exchange-Traded Funds Can Save You Money
That's where exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, come in. In today's investment world, ETFs are cheaper and more tax-friendly than mutual funds. The average expense ratio for U.S.-listed ETFs is 0.4%, compared with 1.42% for diversified U.S. stock funds.They.