Twentieth Century Mutual Funds Kansas City


Twentieth Century Funds Struggle as 21st Approaches
Marcus Singleton put $2,500 in Twentieth ... the Twentieth Century subfamily of American Century Investments of Kansas City, Mo. Giftrust and siblings Twentieth Century Growth, Select and Ultra once formed a Murderers Row of mutual funds--the investment.

20th Century Misstated a Stock Fund's Value
TWENTIETH CENTURY mutual funds misstated ... Gunnar Hughes, a fund spokesman, said Twentieth Century discovered the error and corrected the Vista fund's net asset value on Aug. 21. The fund company, based in Kansas City, Mo., sent corrected statements.

An American Century Value Investor Goes Looking for Quality
Phil Davidson was managing value-focused investment strategies for what was then called Boatman’s Trust, in St. Louis, when out of the blue he got a call from Twentieth Century Mutual Funds, a growth manager in Kansas City. Davidson had no plans to quit.

Big Mutual Fund Merger Solidified / Twentieth to hook up with Benham
Benham Management International Inc. of Mountain View yesterday agreed to merge with Twentieth Century Cos. Inc. of Kansas City to form the nation's 16th-largest mutual fund company. The deal is the latest example of mutual funds banding together to cut.

Twentieth Century Funds seeks diversity and a new name as firm expands
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In the city where everything's up to date, Twentieth Century Mutual Funds is about to go the way of the buggy whip -- in name, at least. Approaching the new millennium, the company needs a new identity, a marketing nightmare in an.

Looking back at 20 years of neglected promise at 18th and Vine — and forward to 2020
This is one of the most significant blocks of 20th century American history in Kansas City. An infusion of city funds is bracing and saving its ... All of this surrounds Kansas City’s jazz jewel, the Mutual Musicians Foundation. The Foundation, a.

Come September, two of the nation's better-known fund groups will become a single family. Twentieth Century Investors, of Kansas City, and the Benham Group ... owned by their investors (hence the name "mutual fund"), the funds are separate entities.

Merger Weds Fund Groups 20th Century And Benham
KANSAS CITY, MO. — Twentieth Century Cos. plans to acquire Benham Group in a transaction valued at about $150 million, creating the nation's 16th-largest mutual-fund company. The merger would be the industry's third-biggest ever behind Franklin Resources.

$1 billion buys 41 percent stake in American Century Investments
Tokyo-based Nomura agreed Monday to pay approximately $1 billion for a 41 percent stake in Kansas City ... Century, said in the announcement. James E. Stowers Jr., who died in 2014, had founded American Century in 1958 as Twentieth Century Mutual Funds.

Twentieth Century offers financial advisors lower fund management fees through Schwab Institutional.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 1996--Fee-based financial advisors, who use the Charles Schwab Mutual Fund Marketplace(R) when selecting investments for clients, are being offered Twentieth Century mutual funds at a reduced management fee.