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New to investing in mutual funds? Here are some mistakes to avoid ... India Today.

New to investing in mutual funds? Here are some mistakes to avoid
For some time now, it has looked like the Indian stock markets are on an irreversible bull run, perhaps one reason why equity mutual funds have witnessed record inflows in the past two years. Many investors who are new to equity investing or do not have.

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The types of mutual funds that make a good substitute for bank accounts are liquid funds, ultra-short term funds and short-term funds. These types of funds offer fairly predictable and stable returns and have negligible volatility. Over the past one.

International Mutual Fund: The Investment Avenue For Brave Investors - Dalal Street Investment Journal
In simple terms, international mutual funds invest in stocks and shares of companies outside the investors ' home country. In the case of an Indian investor, an international mutual fund would be a fund that invests in the equities of companies that are.

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A mutual fund is a pool of savings contributed by multiple investors . They are registered with Securities Exchange Board of India (Sebi) who approves the Asset Management Company (AMC) managing the fund. The AMC is under the purview of the trustees&nbsp.

Closed-end equity funds going cheap on bourses, time to buy? - Economic Times
Savvy investors looking for value purchases are mopping up closed-end equity schemes of mutual funds that are available on the stock exchange platform. The interest in these schemes has grown because they are being sold by existing investors on the&nbsp.

How many mutual funds should you invest in? Find out
The investing ... or two balanced funds are ideal and anything more than that is pointless. Remember, mutual funds themselves encapsulate diversification, adding more funds achieves very little. ( The author is the Founder and CEO of Value Research.

I've seldom felt as positive on Indian economy as I feel today: Prashant Jain, HDFC MF - Economic Times
Focus on intrinsic value , buy businesses with sound fundamentals trading at reasonable valuations or below fair value . That's the Prashant Jain investment philosophy. In a wide ranging interaction with ET, the CIO of HDFC Mutual Fund , talks about how.

Mutual Fund FAQs: What is Net Asset Value (NAV) of a scheme? - Times of India
Net Asset Value or simply NAV is the price at which an investor buys a mutual fund shares from a mutual fund company or sell them to a mutual fund company. In more ... What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds ? ... What are the mutual funds in.

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