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Morningstar's Top Rated Funds Don't Show Outperformance So Far
The top rated Large Cap funds performed worse than the lowest rated funds and failed to beat a popular index fund; ratings for Foreign funds were somewhat better. When investors are in a quandary as to the best mutual ... many research studies and even.

Top Rated Equity Mutual Funds for 2017 from Crisil, VRO and Others
Crisil Research is India’s largest independent integrated research ... short term income and credit opportunities funds. Value research online (VRO) mutual fund rating is a concrete and convenient method that measures both returns and risk.

Sebi wants MF schemes to give true picture of returns - Business Standard
The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) wants the mutual fund (MF) industry to benchmark the returns of its equity schemes against a total return index, a move that would diminish the alpha generated by such schemes and help investors assess&nbsp.

How NJ India Invest became India's giant mutual funds distributor - Livemint
When the Association Mutual Funds of India (Amfi: the Indian mutual fund industry's trade body) declared the annual commissions that India's top distributors and financial advisers received from mutual funds , NJ topped the list for the year 2016-17.

AIFs: A lot achieved, a few loose ends - VCCircle
Startups in India and the alternative investment fund industry which supplies their lifeblood, risk capital, have also seen as many as 25 key policy and taxation changes that can act as a catalyst for this fledgling revolution. Boost to ... This will.

Banking funds outshine sectoral fund categories, while pharma funds lag -
Bank stocks related funds have emerged as outperformers across all categories of schemes in one-,three-,five-, and 10-year time frames, according to mutual fund research firm Value Research . In a one-year period ended August 7, banking funds category&nbsp.

Foreign-Stock Fund Regains Its Medalist Status -
As result, from April 1, 2015, through July 31, 2017, this fund has a Morningstar Risk-Adjusted Return of 4.7% versus 4.1% for the average foreign large-growth offering and 3.1% for the MSCI ACWI ex USA Index (its benchmark). .... The team numbers more.

Investors should come in only with long-term horizon: Gautam Sinha Roy, Motilal Oswal MF - Economic Times
The fund has beaten both the category and benchmark by a wide margin to stay on top of the performance chart in both one- and three-year horizons. Mutual Funds spoke to Gautam Sinha Roy, the fund manager of the scheme, to find out about his&nbsp.

Fund firms with more competition outperform: James Saft - Times of India
The upshot is that competition among fund managers, featuring a greater relationship between an individual's performance and her pay, tended to produce better results for investors. "We find that competitive incentives result in higher average.

What are the benefits of investing in mutual funds? - Times of India
Backed by a dedicated research team, investors are provided with the services of an experienced fund manager who handles the financial decisions based on the performance and prospects available in the market to achieve the objectives of the mutual fund &nbsp.

Which are best thematic equity mutual funds in India?
All Thematic & Sectoral Mutual Funds are typically risky funds as you ... Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G) (5 star rating on Value Research) 2. DSP Blackrock Tax Saver Fund (G) (5 star rating on Value Research) 3. Birla SL Tax Relief 96 (G) (5 star Crisil.