Veneer Bhansali Risk Parity Mutual Funds


dailykos and the issue of sexism and gender issues
This site, like society, has a problem of sexism and a serious difficulty in coming to grips with the importance of women's issues. The problem permeates Markos, me, the community, the Democratic Party and the world. We need to work together to address.

Factor-Based Investing: Five Practical Considerations
Can Alpha Be Captured by Risk Premia? Journal of Portfolio Management 40: 18-29,12. Bhansali, Vineer, 2011. Beyond Risk Parity. Journal of Investing ... On Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance. Journal of Finance 52, 57-82. Fama, Eugene F.

NASSCOM, DeitY to focus on resolving industry challenges in eGovernance in 2015
most of which were felt to be one-sided, with risk overload on the implementation partner ... NASSCOM suggested constitution of a Project Development Fund in line with the Infrastructure sector. NASSCOM has also urged the government to review the.

Progressives and the Politics of Envy
For a Liberty Fund conference on "The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality," I've been reading selections from Envy: A Theory of Social Behaviour (1966) by sociologist Helmut Schoeck. Schoeck cites a 1954 article from The Economist which asks the intriguing.

The Role of Risk in Portfolio Investment Asset Allocation
See Chaves, Hsu, Li, and Shakernia [2012] and Bhansali, Davis, Hsu, Li, and Rennison [2012].) A seemingly diversified risk parity portfolio ... SUBJECT TO THE SAME REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS AS MUTUAL FUNDS, OFTEN CHARGE HIGH FEES, AND IN MANY CASES THE.

Has rising inequality actually hurt anyone?
The incomes of the top 1 percent — and especially of the top one-half of the top 1 percent — have skyrocketed over the past 30 years. The latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office show that the inflation-adjusted average income of the top 1.

ADB's $1billion bond set to get government nod
The bond issue is expected to reduce dependence of foreign borrowing as the currency risk will be borne by the investor. Speaking to newspersons on the sidelines of a CII event on developing the market for corporate debt, K P Krishnan, additional secretary.

The Global Economy: What the Next Three Years Will Look Like
Here El-Erian relays their collective attempt to lay out for PIMCO's clients what the next three years will look like in the global economy.

William Tell and Chick-fil-A
An overwhelming number of chicken sandwiches were served on Wednesday as vast numbers of Americans from all over the country turned out to support Chick-fil-A, under fire for its CEO taking the highly controversial and shocking position that people of the.

QNet, the MLM has resurfaced in India; will people be duped again?
QuestNet and GoldQuest, which all but closed down in 2009, have emerged bigger and stronger as QNet. But the hype and hard-sell by this MLM company to ensnare people into enrolling distributors and hawking lifestyle products such as watches, gold coins.